Mobile Marketing Tips to Make Your Site More Friendly

Mobile marketing tips that you can’t neglect because the mobile experience affects more than just your online sales, find out how to make your site mobile friendly.

Mobile Marketing Tips

There is no denying the fact that mobile phones have transformed our lives drastically both on the personal and professional front. Mobile ad spend is projected to hit more than $247 billion this year! Mobile marketing affects more than just online purchase; which account for the lion’s share of retail sales. In fact, 82% of customers use their mobile phones while making a decision about purchasing in-store.


Retailers no longer need to worry whether mobile sales are catching up… they have won the battle. Today, mobiles have become one of the intrinsic mediums for communication globally. A recent statistical study reveals that 50% of the world’s population has a mobile phone and there are 9 new mobile users joining the sphere every second. Isn’t that astounding? 


This article is going to provide some insight as to how mobile marketing is helping businesses in optimizing their sales considerably. So, let’s get started then! 


Before we dwell deep about the significance of mobile marketing, let us first understand what mobile marketing is. 


What is mobile marketing?


Mobile marketing is a multi-channel marketing approach with the goal to reach a target audience on their smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, websites, email, MMS, social media and apps.

In short, mobile marketing is reaching your audience whenever and wherever they are.


Just like with any form of marketing, you have to understand the current needs and preferences of your customer for it to be effective. This means you must design effective content that satisfies your customer’s needs on each and every mobile channel. 


If you’re not making mobile marketing a priority… the time has arrived!

Let’s take a look at how you can tap into your customer base more effectively by starting with a mobile marketing strategy.

Developing an effective mobile marketing strategy: Here is how


It is vital for every brand to develop a unique and effective mobile marketing strategy that satisfies its target audience in all respects. In a nutshell, mobile marketing is all about potent customization and personalization. Below is a step-by-step process that can help you in devising an effective mobile marketing strategy. Take a close look!


Step 1: Create mobile buyer personas:

Understanding your audience is the key to any marketing strategy.


Step 2: Identify and set your goals right:

Decide on what success looks for you. This is extremely important to map your mobile marketing strategy. 


Step 3: Determine realistic KPIs:

Do test mobile marketing needs. Ponder on aspects such as conversions, traffic and sales. 


Step 4: Keep a check on the mobile metrics:

Google Analytics gives you a holistic preview about mobile behavior and mobile traffic. So, do check it out!


5 Successful mobile marketing guidelines to gear up your business


The following are a few guidelines that can be of great help to you in optimizing your business marketing strategy. 


Make sure your site is mobile-friendly 


In order to make your site mobile-friendly, you should initiate a mobile marketing campaign. User experience on mobile is different than desktop and user experience has to be flawless


For instance, there are numerous online gaming sites that lure the players all over the globe. Mobile casinos are one of the most competitive niches online. Almost all mobile casino sites are well-designed, consisting of clearly defined menus and instructions, but the successful one’s spend extra time paying attention to user experience, customer feedback and analytic data on a regular basis to make continued improvements. 


Write mobile-friendly content


Just designing a mobile-friendly site is not enough. Writing mobile-friendly content for SEO and user experience is extremely crucial. Keep your headlines short and ensure they are persuasive. Also, use photos and add in a personal touch to your content.


For instance, if the headline is “How to start a business with little or no money.” The mobile-friendly version would be “How to start a business with no money.”


Optimize for search engines


A recent study reveals that around 70% of people mobile search every hour. This shows as to how frequent people search for products and services via their mobile phones. This is the main reason as to why you cannot ignore mobile search engine optimization, and yes there is a difference between desktop and mobile optimization strategies. 


For instance, if you are a professional writer and have to write a review about LED televisions. 


Do not write, “Top LED televisions” 


Be more specific and mention the models like “Best Samsung LED televisions”


The main reason for targeting a particular keyword is that the users have prior information and knowledge about the same and this indeed enables good traffic to your site. 


Get local with Google


Users do look for information about your brand locally. Hence, you need to make your business visible on the local map. Google makes this possible with Google My Business. This makes the search easier for both mobile and desktop users. Once you have listed your business locally, you are sure to witness an improvement in the overall search engine traffic. In order to get started, all you need is a Google account and then you can get going instantly!


Make your site navigable


Navigation is one of the major precepts that can increase conversion rates. Your menu, footer bar and other items have to be navigable. It has to be responsive, so it can display perfectly, no matter what mobile device people are using. The site has to be versatile meeting the immediate needs and requirements of the mobile users. Your call-to-action buttons and links also have to be compatible with mobile devices.


Wrap Up

Jacob Baadsgaard, the founder and CEO of Disruptive Advertising rightly says,Optimizing for local search is important, but if you aren’t optimizing for mobile, you’re going to miss out on your most important source of local traffic.” So, what are you still pondering upon? Hurry! Go mobile today! 

Mobile marketing is not a stand-alone effort, it comprises many aspects put together both long-term and short-term. And with time, the importance of mobile marketing is exponentially increasing. Thus, optimizing your mobile strategy would undoubtedly give your brand an edge thus helping you make its place in the super-competitive market.