3 Types of Graphic Design Work You Can Do From Home

Working from home has always been a viable option for designers, check out these 3 types of graphic design work you can do from home.

Graphic design influences just about every aspect of life, and that’s especially true among businesses. Graphic design plays an important part in the branding of a company, from brand messaging to package design and communications with customers. It also presents an artist with the ability to work from home, something that appeals to many and is becoming more prevalent across many industries.

There are so many graphic design avenues that you can pursue. Here are just 3 types of graphic design work you can focus on from the comfort of your own home.


1. Infographics


Infographics are essentially the marriage between graphic design and statistics, and they have been shown to be more comprehensible and therefore more valuable than many of the bog standard methods of data visualization. However, they tend to require a more artistic touch and therefore a graphic design artist in order to create a visual that expresses the information in an effective and good looking way. The process is fairly simple; a given data set is acquired, run through a data cleaning service, and then interpreted visually by you, the artist. It’s worth noting that many infographics make visual representations of the difference between two numbers by converting numerical values into visual sizes, so some mathematical literacy will likely be a requirement. This kind of work may be at the behest of organizations like businesses, but it is more likely to be in line with educational institutions and publishers.


2. Branding


As mentioned above, companies need graphic design artists to help brand their businesses. Branding refers to many things, and many of them involve graphic design. For example, almost any business needs a logo that signifies their company’s presence, and the typeface of that logo will be even more instrumental in branding their business. Designing a company’s logo can mean good money, especially if the design is a redesign for an already established and successful brand. However, logos are just the most universal element involved. The brand’s color palette will influence many of the other decisions, including the logo, so an artist with a good understanding of color theory is a must for this task. Some companies even want the addition of a mascot to sell their brand, and mascot design is yet more graphic design. There are a number of existing marketing firms that can provide work for a graphic designer, and the emergence of freelance entertainment online means that you can potentially build a decent clientele working on commission.

3. Freelancing


Speaking of working on commission, there is a robust market of freelance artists working online, and there is room for more graphic designers in the mix. While this kind of work often falls to illustrators, graphic design is also sought after. Freelance artists face a number of additional obstacles, but can potentially make a healthy living for themselves once they have established themselves, and there are a couple reasons for this. For one, artists set their own prices based on a number of factors that mean that a fledgling artist will almost certainly be making less than minimum wage, while a prominent artist can potentially outclass traditional unskilled employment. However, the inherent gamble of this kind of work requires additional income for support, so it’s not a good choice on its own. As mentioned above, freelance entertainers like Twitch streamers, YouTubers, and SoundCloud musicians are always in need of affordable freelance artists for their branding, so this may be a good inroad for a competent graphic designer, and it always pays to find clients who are likely to need additional work from you in the future.




Graphic design is an incredibly important field, because it happens behind the scenes of everything from corporate branding to even the aesthetics of appliances. Therefore, a competent designer who knows where to look has a number of opportunities in front of them. With the rapid increase in remote work opportunities, graphic designers are on the top of the list of jobs that can easily be done from a home office. With this guide at your disposal, you know where to start your search.