Digital Marketing Tips During Isolation:  Don’t Quarantine Your Brand

Many brands are understandably dialing back spending, but there’s a big difference between dialing back and going dark, check out these digital marketing tips for your brand during isolation.

Digital Marketing Tips During Isolation

There is no denying that the world has changed drastically in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses have closed their physical locations and are now operating remotely. Hundreds of thousands of workers are working from home and brands are being forced to reevaluate their marketing tactics as the global economy adapts. Some businesses are using this uncertain time to dial back their marketing to save money and not waste, but this is not the time to go dark. Despite most of the world entering quarantine, now is the time to alter your business’ marketing strategies to ensure your brand remains in your customer’s minds. Advertising during isolation is different from advertising under normal conditions, but that is not a reason to stop marketing altogether. By following the tips and tricks below, your business can continue to market effectively despite the current world state. 

Highlight Relevant and Critical Services While Communicating Changes

Not every business can still operate during isolation, but many can. Online businesses are likely to see an increase in traffic as more and more people stay home. Potential customers are stuck at home with more free time than normal which leaves them free to browse online. More customers are coming to your digital front door, so it is a good idea to feature especially relevant services. 


People are more desperate than ever to have their packages arrive quickly and seamlessly, so highlight your shipping capabilities. Use shipping APIs to offer better delivery windows, better tracking, and manage increased order volume. Offer a special where customers can save money on shipping if they order a certain amount of products. 


Above all else, communicate shipping changes with your customers. Everyone is stressed right now and a lack of communication only increases that stress. Most people will understand if your business’ normal shipping processes have been disrupted, but you must tell your customers what is going on for them to be understanding. If packages are taking longer to deliver in certain areas, put an alert on the shipping page or your home page. No matter what changes occur, ensure your customers are informed or risk driving away future business. 

Create Relevant But Sensitive Content

Marketing your brand doesn’t have to include a sales pitch. Take this opportunity to show the human side of your business by creating content showing your employees, how your team is handling the crisis, and how your brand is working to maintain “business as usual” while staying safe. Human interest content will be seen as bringing a comforting sense of normality to uncertain times. Create content, whether they be blog posts or Twitter pictures, that reassures your customers while retaining a tone that respects the current difficult situation. Incorporate timely and relevant keywords to add an SEO boost to the new content. Finding the right line between trying to bring levity and making a tone-deaf joke is tricky, but with careful consideration, your brand can post content that leaves a positive impression on customers. 

Clean House

With people isolated at home, customers have more time than ever to browse online and your brand’s website may see increased traffic. There is no better time to clean and optimize your business’ website to ensure it is ready for an increase in visitors. Take the time to fix broken links, resolve 404 errors, and update all outdated information. Be sure your business information, such as hours of operation and contact methods, are current and reflect your brand’s COVID-19 plan. Solidify your website’s stability and update plugins to create a smooth browsing experience that will leave a positive impression on your customers, first-time visitors and loyal customers alike. 

Talk With Customers

On social media, brands have become more communicative in recent years; brands have developed personalities and relationships with other brands or influencers. Now is the time to continue talking with customers, other brands, and influencers on social media. Posting and communicating with your audience not only keeps your brand at the forefront of your customer’s minds, but it also shows the human side of your brand. Try to avoid constantly talking about the current pandemic as most people’s social media feeds are already filled with COVID-19 discussions. Bring a sense of comfort, levity, and normality to your customers by talking with them while the world adjusts to a new normal. 


This is also a time to reply to comments and reviews. Customer questions below reviews or comments on social media can be easily overlooked, but now is the time to show those customers you value their input by replying. Reply to comments, questions, and reviews politely and constructively while remembering the world may have significantly changed since the customer posted. 


The global community is currently reacting and adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that does not mean your brand should go silent. Continue online services if possible and communicate service changes to your customers. Create new content and talk with your audience online to build a sense of community and solidarity. Clean your website to ensure it is ready to make the best impression on new visitors. With some adjustments, your brand can weather the storm and continue marketing even in isolation.