How to Market Your Newly Launched E-Commerce Website

Driving traffic and converting visitors to a newly launched E-commerce website is probably the biggest hurdle every online store owner faces. So, how do you market your new E-Commerce website?

how to market your ecommerce website

Is there a reliable way of making everyone aware of your newly launched e-commerce website?

E-commerce marketing is a challenge and is quite different from traditional marketing techniques that you might have grown accustomed to. The core of e-commerce marketing is making people aware of your business and giving them a reason to visit your e-commerce website.

No matter which technique you use to market your website, adding an effective call-to-action can lead to increased leads and therefore more recognition in the market.

Multichannel Selling

In the physical world, many shopkeepers set up their stalls at community markets or stands at exhibitions to raise awareness about their business. They use strategies such as giving discounts, distributing flyers or business cards to establish a lead. Similarly, e-commerce businesses can start building their market by utilising the virtual space provided by online markets such as Amazon and eBay.


Is pay-per-click still effective? Yes, it is! PPC has become the backbone of click-through marketing techniques. In recent years, PPC has come a long way from simple advertising. From Google Product Listing Ads to network marketing, PPC allows you to test your marketing campaigns, increase the number of visitors and improve your ongoing campaigns daily.

Seek Professional Assistance

You have already invested a lot of money in building your e-commerce business. Being worried about losing money is quite natural for most first-time businesses. If you are worried about losing your money and want a fool-proof and secure method for marketing your business and generating leads, then the best solution is to seek professional assistance from a marketing company.

From researching your potential market to finding new leads, creating a brand persona and different strategies to outdo competitors, professionals such as Pelling who specialise in ecommerce design can help you market your e-commerce website and generate profits from the very first week of launch.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is quite similar to product reviews. In affiliate marketing, you pay another platform to recommend your e-commerce website, directly or indirectly. Affiliate marketing is effective in a way that your business can be marketed though search engine optimised platforms.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an effective technique for generating sustainable conversions, increasing customer engagement, boosting B2C interactions and improving your brand image. You can hire in-house creative content writers for marketing your e-commerce website or outsource your content writing. If done effectively, the ROI of content marketing is considerably more than that of any other digital marketing techniques.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is quite technical and requires daily calculations and analysis of your incoming and outgoing traffic and bounce rates. Effective social media channels for marketing include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Social media engagement techniques are used to drive potential customers or leads to your e-commerce website. Moreover, each content piece developed with the intention of engaging your audience should be evaluated regularly.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the ‘king’ of direct online marketing. It is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to your customers. Many people ignore emails that sound gimmicky or impersonal. Hence, it is important to research your target audience thoroughly and devise personalised emails and messages that cater to the everyday needs of your customers.

Your emails need be very engaging. They should also be ‘clickable’ i.e. customers should be persuaded to click and visit your e-commerce website at least once. Human emotions and curiosity are two effective elements for increasing the ‘clickability’ of your emails.


For marketing your e-commerce website, it is important to incorporate the basics of digital marketing. Keep tracking your ROI and stay consistent in your digital marketing techniques.