Managed Hosting Why It’s Better for Your Business

Why choose managed hosting when you can do a quick search online and find hosting from $2.95 per month? Because your team and your tools makes a difference.

Managed Hosting Why It's Better for Your Business

From housing any site to running an app and storing valuable data, web hosting is far more important than many business owners think. The web hosting industry is expected to pass 76.2 billion by the year 2023, but that’s not why it should be important to you. More importantly, there is a huge difference in the types of hosting your business has access to. A lot of small businesses steer clear of managed hosting because it has a higher sticker price. Often times, the value of managed hosting makes cheaper alternatives, well, look that part.


Managed web hosting is one of the most sought after hosting services liked by small businesses as well as big-scale enterprises. In simple terms, managed website hosting means the hosting service provider takes care of all the issues related to your server. This is a big deal. I think the best example to help illustrate this would be Michael Andretti showing up at the Indie 500 without his pit crew.

Are you up for handling all 0f your website’s technical issues, site caching, data base management, server response time, system updates and of course, we can’t forget security?


This is what you’re taking on when you opt for cheap unmanaged hosting services. Here, you are solely responsible for all maintenance and service-related tasks. Depending on the nature of the hosting agreement– some basic maintenance for your server is offered but the entire day to day running of your servers, including dealing with most even complex issues, is totally in your hands. Oh, and that’s all without even mentioning having to worry about what other people on your shared server are doing with their sites.


Why Managed Hosting is The Best Bet For You?


Here are some reasons why you should consider getting managed hosting services for your website:


  1. Get 24X7 Support from the Experts


Most of the web hosting companies offer some type of support and maintenance, but with a managed web hosting, you can trust that the support team fully comprehends your requirements and web app technologies. It means they can recognize the difference between a tricky theme, a potential plugin conflict, or a server-level issue. They also know precisely what settings a website needs to run at optimal performance. In addition, they also have reliable and workable recommendations if you have other website-related queries.


Furthermore, the managed hosting service providers tend to prioritize the hosting support they provide to their customers. It means you will get facilities like in-app ticketing, 24/7 chat, or community forums. Using a managed hosting service is kind of like having an offshore IT service department having loads of experts that you can tap into any time.


  1. You will get the Best Website Security Practices


Even if your site has never been hacked earlier by cybercriminals, website security is something that should eternally be on your mind. While using a managed website hosting is not a fool-proof way to protect your website, you will get amazing benefits of a built-in security environment with your services. In addition, various reputed managed web hosting service providers provide nightly backups of your website that you can easily restore. 


Beyond backups, a managed hosting service provider also optimizes their servers for the maximum security, so you need not worry about various security plugins again! You will also get various features like two-factor authentication, strong password enforcement, and limited login attempts.


The ability to remove malware is one of the most crucial security features. God forbid, if your website gets hacked, the support team of your managed host can help you clean it up. You just need to know the malware-removal process so that you can act promptly when this unfortunate incident happens.


  1. You will Get Better Site Performance with Faster Speed


In a managed hosting, you will find a significant benefit in the fact that their whole tech stack is customized to the experience. This means your website will likely have good uptime, see fewer hiccups than it currently does and load faster.


With a managed hosting service, you will see major advantages from the fact that they comprehend how to optimize your servers properly based on the types of plugins and themes you are running. Besides, the managed hosting will provide performance enhancements such as CDN, server locations across the globe, and some cases instant-scaling technology.


The Future of Managed Server Hosting


In the year 2010, the cloud computing and hosting market size was about $24.63 billion. In the year 2018, it became about $117.96 billion. And by the end of the year 2020, some experts predict it will exceed the $340 billion mark. The web hosting market has been growing like never before for a decade now. In addition, It does not look like that it’ll slow down any time soon.


What has spurred such a growing market over a period of time, is its ability to scale. When you entrust in managed web hosting services, you are sharing the cost of maintenance, setup, and security with thousands of different businesses all across the globe. Therefore, companies all across the globe experience greater benefits and security than what could be obtained by one company alone. The advantages of managed hosting services are completely mathematical. The splitting costs of the managed services saves your business capital.


Every company nowadays looking to exist online should be well-aware of the significance of keeping the data secure. It’s now impracticable to maintain a management centre in-house and a fully secure server. Managed dedicated hosting service providers makes it available for you promptly and at a reduced cost since it estimates with you.


Let’s Wrap Up:


With the help of this article, you get a better understanding of what Managed Hosting services can provide your business and how they can be quite beneficial for your company and your clients as well. But, one thing you should keep in your mind to choose only a reputed managed Linux VPS hosting service provider because it can provide you with many added benefits that can help you in the long run. What do you think of managed hosting services? Do you think it’s going to help your business? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment box.