How Brands Enhance Digital Interaction With Customers

Understanding how brands can enhance digital interaction with customers to achieve marketing goals can mean a huge reduction is CPA.

How can brands enhance digital interaction


Once a customer purchases a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, they become a member of the Harley family for life. The Entity encourages valuable buyers to join the 325,000-plus members of the Harley Owners Group (HOG). It gives them a platform to connect with owners and other riders. They can discuss bike maintenance and structure issues.

The Company knows quite well how to put its customers first. Together, they strive to create a crackerjack brand!

Likewise, you may have heard of other companies taking their customer relationship to the next level. Factors like personalization, quality products, and unbelievable perks help them create a seamless experience for customers.

Each interaction with the customer doesn’t only provide insight into their opinions. It is also a way to add data points to their overall satisfaction levels. As brands, you need to offer something at a deeper level, create a connection, and foster that to win loyalty.

Shifting towards Digital Interactions

The digital customer experience is a myriad of touchpoints and interactions. It can range from the official company website to managing reviews on social media. Achieving consistency across all of these stations is tough to master, but it eventually rolls out in the best interests of the brand.  

A study at MIT discovered companies that have embraced digital transformation to be 26% more profitable than their peers!

This is a huge revenue opportunity we must take benefit of. Accept that customers are firmly set in the driving seat of a brand’s journey. It’s how we set up the gear to determine if we can ever reach the destination.

Ways to improve your Digital Interaction

Infusing the latest tools with strategy can help you achieve your marketing goals via digital interactions. 

It would help if you didn’t wait for the phone to ring or fax machine to go gaga before addressing customer queries. It is about being proactive in assisting customers who use a wide array of channels to seek support. 

Social media, reviews sites, communities, and forums are all now part of the customer service eco-system. Professional planning, such as the RACE Digital Marketing Framework, can help you devise a fool-proof digital marketing plan.

Consider the following digital interaction strategies your business can use to increase customer engagement:


  • Emphasize on Customer Reviews


Satisfied customers are the most trustworthy brand ambassadors you can ever have. You may have an excellent internal or external strategy, but if you under-utilize the feedback from satisfied customers, you are not optimizing all resources at your disposal.

Testimonials take the spotlight away from the seller and shine it on the buyers. For instance, Hootsuite, a social media management platform, sets a great example of a customer testimonial page that demonstrates how their product can work for anybody.

connect with customers


In fact, most of the top-notch companies have a staff dedicated to keeping the customer engaged. They address the doubts and queries of the customers professionally. All of this leaves a positive impact upon customers, compelling them to endorse the brand through their words. 


  • Ask Questions 


You can pose questions and solicit feedback from your audience. People nowadays love to participate in polls and contests. They are willing to let their favorite brands know their wishlists and general opinions, too. 

Here is an example of how McDonald’s conducted a poll on Twitter to understand what 2 for $2 menu items customers were more likely to order.



Conducting polls across social media allows you to engage users in a fun and easy way. The quick questionnaires and surveys will enable you to gain insight into what customers approve and disapprove of.


  • Conduct Live Sessions


The fact that online video content is overpowering the internet has long been a well-known fact. Live streaming, a form of video content, has been popular among gamers and online shopping sites such as Taobao, Shopee, and Lazada. 

It is a way to humanize your brand and reach out to the customers directly. No wonder why live streaming is one of the highly-rated content forms on Facebook’s algorithm. Other platforms like Instagram and Twitter have invested heavily in live streaming capabilities too.


We can take the example of its powerful impact from the sales generated during Malaysia Week 2019.  It is an online campaign that promotes Malaysian products in China. Taobao hosted the streams with eight influencers on board. It ended up selling thousands of products in a span of a few minutes!


  • Send Valuable Emails


Most people have a flooded inbox. You can’t expect them to open every email you send them unless you deliver valuable content. 

For starters, the subject line must be persuasive enough. It must tell the customer what’s in the mail for them. Spend some time coming up with a creative subject line. Make sure it resonates with your audience and compels them to click open. 

Just like the heading of the email, the copy should be equally amazing. Curate the visuals and text in a way that enlightens the reader about your brand. These are a few basics of email marketing.

Not only that, give them an option to leave their views on what they just read. You can integrate a few automated statements at the end, so the reader doesn’t have to write long paragraphs.


Buzzfeed, for instance, has awesome subject lines and preview text. They are short, punchy, and fall in place with the content. Not only this, but the email also conveys what it is meant for.

Final Thoughts

As the world of marketing changes, your customer interaction strategy must follow the tide as well. But sometimes, you may ditch the trends and craft an entirely new promotional strategy for your brand. Later, look for out-of-the-box ideas to accomplish your goals.

Remember, customer relationship is the key to retain and grow your market position. It is all about communication and showing customers you care for them, their time, and their interests.

We hope you will deploy the strategies listed above to blow life into your marketing plan!