How to Create SEO-Friendly Content for Your Website?

Is SEO-friendly content even worth it? Considering organic search is still one of the biggest drivers of visitors and sales for businesses online, it might be worth a look.

seo-friendly content

That’s right, search engines are still the primary method most people use for finding information online, so optimizing for those searches might just be a wise move. Google alone processes 40,000 search queries every second, and over 3.5 billion searches per day, and there’s a good chance that at least one or two of those searches relate to products or services your business offers.

Shopdev, a leading eCommerce growth company, says investing in seo-friendly content (content designed to bring in viewers) is one of the most valuable tactics they use for helping business growth with solid ROI.

For those of you who don’t know what SEO is, it is a method to optimize your website’s content for the search engines. It makes our content pops up above the content from other sites that target the same search terms or words. No matter how good or well-versed your content is, it is of no use if it is not SEO-friendly.

Here are some amazing techniques that will help you create SEO-friendly content and will make your efforts fruitful:

Structuring the Content:

Long paragraphs with no headings, bullets, or bolded terms are more likely to scare away your reader. When reading any content online, people often prefer to skim through it first because it is a known fact that it is hard to find authentic information online. Your content should have a solid structure. Firstly, you can divide it into three basic parts i.e. introduction, body, and conclusion. You can divide the body further into headings and subheadings as per the topic to make your content more readable. Having a structured content will also help you to enhance the writing quality as you will be able to organize your thoughts aptly. 

Choosing Keywords Wisely:

Keywords are crucial to making your content SEO friendly. You must find the appropriate keywords before you start writing your content. You can either hire an SEO agency to do that for you or you can find some authentic tools to help you with a keyword search. Consider using the keywords in headings, tags, topics, meta descriptions, and main copy. 

Add Images:

The appearance of your content matters a lot and it has to be catchy to increase the conversion rate. People are more likely to read or buy things from where they can find relevant, creative, and good quality images. Your pictures must be easy to load, do not forget to optimize the size of images. Try to make images as small as you can but ensure the fact that their quality is not being compromised. You can find several tools that can help you resize your images while keeping their quality intact. 

Focus on Content Quality:

We often come across an article where the content does not resonate with the reader. Content that leaves people annoyed or off target is a complete failure. Your content has to be to the point and must cover the entire topic that you have given to it. Secondly, the quality of content must be kept intact throughout the length of the article so that reader feels intrigued to read it to the end. You can use different online tools to correct grammatical errors. Flawless, entertaining, and useful content is surely a win.

Title Must be Catchy:

Your titles must be catchy for your target audience. Easy, understandable and engaging titles are what draws a reader in. The Title should quickly allow the reader to know what to expect from the article. However, your title should not exceed 60 characters because Google only displays the first 60 characters in its search results. Try using the keywords at the beginning of the title. To make it catchy and interesting for your readers to use words like ‘amazing’, ‘best’, ‘funny’, ‘interesting’, or phrases like ‘how to’ or ‘all you need’ to know, etc. 

Adding Links of Previous Content:

Another tactic to make your content SEO-friendly is to get as many backlinks for the page as you can because Google ranks the content by the number of backlinks they have. If you want to drive traffic to any of your previously published content, you must add its backlinks to your recently published posts. Else, you can hire an SEO agency to help you get backlinks and increase your Google ranking. 

Focus on the Length of the Articles:

You can decide the length of your article by having a look at your google analytics. Look for the posts that have generated more traffic and have been read for a longer period of time. You will get an idea about the content length preferences of your target audience and can change the length of your content according to it. 

The Bottom Line:

You must not forget the fact that search engine optimization is a gradual process. In the beginning, you will have to invest your time and effort to make your content SEO friendly and will see its result in the long run. Even if you are hiring an SEO agency, do not expect from them to magically bring your site into Google top ranking, you will have to wait for the outcomes, not to forget that results will be worth waiting for!