Leads Funnel: 8 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Sales

You already know that driving qualified traffic to your sales funnel is a difficult task, so what do you do about it? Keep reading to find out.

Leads Funnel- 8 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Sales

Traffic is the backbone of every business.

You might run an online shop or have a website for your brick-and-mortar store, but given today’s tech-driven era where e-commerce is only growing bigger with each passing day, finding the voice for your business in the abyss of brands is quite a challenging task.

With more and more startups entering the market every day, attracting traffic and keeping customers interested in your goods and services becomes more and more difficult.

You need something unique and creative to attract more visitors to your site and turn them into loyal customers to keep your sales high.

Take a look at the following road-tested and proven ways to drive traffic to your sales funnels that will ensure that your business stays successful in the long run.

1.    Share Videos to Keep the Customers Engaged

What would you do if you had just a couple of seconds to catch someone’s attention?

In the real world, shouting their names at the top of your lungs might do. In the online world, creating a video display is the equivalent of this technique.

Online shoppers are more likely to buy an item if there is a short video explaining its features or how to use it. Instructional videos about certain goods or services help ease the decision-making process for the customers. Plus, many people perceive sites that feature proper video content to be more trustworthy than sites that contain only images.

2.    Offer Free Shipping

Covering the delivery charges might cut down your profits a little bit but offering free shipment is one of the most effective ways to lure customers and keep them coming back again.

In today’s world where people order most of their required items from the internet, shipment costs, no matter how small, can add up to a significant amount. According to research, about 47% of online shoppers abandon their cart when they are about to checkout but find that extra charges will be applied for delivering the items at their doorstep.

The ‘free shipping’ label on your website will avoid losing this large group of customers.

3.    Use the Power of Storytelling

Whether you are using your website to drive traffic to your sales funnel or old school methods like flyers and brochures, the tone and content of your message play a very important role.

Businesses are realizing the power of storytelling in the corporate world and using it to boost sales, build a large customer base, and establish a good brand image.

Stories have a lasting impact on the audience’s mind and can influence their decision-making process as well. Leveraging the power of stories to attract sales essentially means that your website shouldn’t be about your business per se. It should be about how visitors can benefit from your business if they were to become your customers and invest in your products.

4.    Partner with Universities and Get Listed on .edu Websites

If you think that high domain websites like Wikipedia or other reputable sites are the only way to increase your rank on the search engine result page, well, think again.

From young students and recent graduates to staff members and various other professionals involved with different institutes, educational websites already have a lot of viewers. Earning a backlink from these high authority websites can be a great way to give your business website a boost.

The simplest way to get started is to get featured on your own university’s website as a successful alumnus. Talk about your brand, your experiences or your journey so far. Or, better still, you can offer ways to help students find internship or job opportunities in your niche. This will build your reputation in the educational community which can, in turn, reflect positively on your business and sales.

5.    Give Full Money-Back Guarantee

It might seem counterintuitive, but offering a full money-back guarantee is actually known to attract traffic and increase sales.

It’s quite easy to understand why this works if you see things from the customer’s point of view. One of the main reasons why a potential customer might not purchase the item is what marketers call ‘risk aversion.’

Sure, they might be buying it online after reviewing it carefully, but there’s always the possibility that the customer might not like the product when it is delivered. Maybe it doesn’t fit or is different than what was advertised on the site. Or, what if it arrives damaged in the first place?

If prospective buyers are guaranteed a hassle-free return, they know they won’t be stuck with a product that they won’t ever use. When the risk of their money going down the drain is averted, they are more likely to complete the transaction.

6.    Give an Insight into Your Business

Showing the lesser-known side of your brand or corporate practice is another way in which you can outshine your competitors and lure more customers.

Giving an insight into your business can mean anything from sharing your initial struggles in the industry to giving a sneak peek into your head office or anything in between. For instance, if you own a restaurant, you can post a video giving a tour of your kitchen.

Not only does this increase your credibility, but also helps attract viewers which ultimately translate to increased sales.

7.    Host an Online Contest

If you want a tremendous boost in your website’s traffic in a relatively short period of time, hosting a contest on social media platforms is a great way to go about it.

According to a survey, online contests can help secure at least 30% more traffic on average. The results are even higher for companies running a mobile-friendly contest.

Online contests to boost sales can include a variety of things. For example, you can give discounts or free goodies to people who check-in to your store or share their own photos with your brand’s merchandise.

8.    Be More Environmental Friendly

Being more responsible towards the environment and society at large is hard to fake on a corporate level. In other words, being more environmental friendly improves your brand image. It can help your brand attract more customers and thus, excel above the others.

The good news is that more than 60% of customers don’t mind paying more as long as the business is dedicated to sustaining the environment.


Which techniques are you using to generate leads and drive more traffic to your sales?