How to Lower Your Bounce Rate And Increase Your Rankings?

High bounce rate is an indicator that their is a lot wrong with your site, but not to worry here are 5 great tips to lower your bounce rate quickly.

How to Lower Your Bounce Rate And Increase Your Rankings

One of the reasons you’re having trouble increasing your rankings is that your bounce rate is too high.

In plain English, this means that the users just visit your website and bounce off before you can convert them. In turn, this makes it way harder to improve search traffic and get more email signups. In addition to that, it’s harder to generate new leads and acquire more clients.

All of these problems will go away when you figure out how to lower your bounce rate.

Though it may sound complicated, there are actually a few easy steps that you can take.

1. Improve internal links

internal link structure

When you reference, by linking to other articles in your on-site content, you’re basically inviting your users to explore the rest of the website. If your site is packed with information, you can easily find relevant text to reference in the article you’re currently writing.

These kinds of links are called contextual internal links.

There is another category, too, though. You can also have non-contextual links which are usually found at the end of the article. They suggest similar content your user can read.

Both of these types of links are important for your internal linking game. They give your user to stick around and find out more.

2. Work on your call to action

One thing that can compel your users to stay and convert them is your call to action.

A Call-to-Action is exactly that, an area in your content that motivates the reader to do something like fill out a form.

It could be something like this image below, click on it to get 5 actionable tips to creating a persuasive call to action.

creating the perfect call to action

A call to action is very important, but also very hard to get just right.

You don’t want to sound promotional or like you’re bragging. You want to be truthful and original, but also compelling. Remember that the goal of your call to action is to invite people to interact with you further.

Talk to them like you’re talking to a friend. People like when a website is down-to-earth and approachable. Still, act like you’re the one they need to ask for advice. After all, you want to establish yourself as an expert in your line of work, so act like it.

A compelling call to action can make or break your bounce rate. It may be hard to pin it down in the beginning, but soon enough, you’ll come up with the perfect one to reel people in.

3. Improve readability


When it comes to actual articles on your website, they have to be coherent.

The method of reading which people automatically use when faced with a new text can be described with one letter: “F.” In other words, they read the first two rows, then scan the text for the information they need.

The shorter time they spend reading your articles, the higher your bounce rate is likely to be.
This is why huge blocks of text should be avoided. Separate the information you want to give to your viewers with subheadings and paragraphs.

Don’t forget to add some relevant photos after the headings.
This will help retain user attention and pull them into the story. Instead of just quickly scrolling to find what they need, they’ll actually be more motivated to read your article.

4. Make your website easier to navigate

If people can’t get to the information they need immediately, they’re going to bounce.

Today, everything is so fast-paced, and your website has to match. Improving loading time, getting rid of popups, and having an easy-to-navigate design is what you should strive for.

If you have a lot of information on your site, don’t pack it all in one page.
People want simple and readable. Huge blocks of texts are boring and off-putting. User experience should be the first thing you have in mind if you aim to increase your rankings.

Organize your website into small sections, or make the information rotate when the user hovers their mouse over a certain part of the site. Make it as interesting an informative as you can. There should be captivating pictures and headlines, so your users have a lot to explore.

In other words, you have to pique their interest with your amazing website design.


Most companies admit that this is something they can’t handle themselves. Web design should be left with the professionals, while you focus on other work. After all, your firm deserves only the best. This is why most companies opt to hire someone creative and trustworthy like Orion Creative web development to take care of their website for them. Nothing spells amazing like the work a professional web development firm can do.

5. Optimize your website for mobiles

In this day and age, most searches are conducted on mobile phones.

Rarely anyone will turn on their computer just to find something on Google. This is why it’s imperative for your website to be mobile-friendly.

When text, pictures, and, videos won’t load or display correctly on the mobile screen, you can guarantee that the user will leave. No one has the time or the patience to deal with a website not optimized for their phone.

You can always put yourself in your potential client’s shoes.
Enter your website through your mobile app and see how much fun you’ll have. This is also a great test to make after you’ve made the needed changes. It will help you fine tune your website and offer the best user experience possible.

Another thing you should do is research mobile compatible themes and apps. Today, most websites use WordPress as it is fairly simple and compatible with multiple platforms. It also allows you to customize your website and get your money’s worth.


As you can see, lowering your bounce rate will come easily when you know what steps to take. This is a problem most companies face at some point, so it’s nothing you should be too concerned about. The important thing is that you recognized the problem and solved it in time. Your rankings are bound to be improved now that you hacked your bounce rate.