Find Out How to Create Your New Company Name

Concerned About Your New Company Name? Learn How to Name Your Business the right way the first time around, keep reading.

Find Out How to Create Your New Company Name

Many of you have put more time into naming your company than you did naming your child. You’re right to — naming a company right is very important for a new businesses, no matter what your niche is.

What if I tell you that Google was called BackRub back in the day?

Crazy, right? But it does help you understand why it’s important to name your company the right way. I mean, picture yourself BackRubing about how to name your company today.

Jokes apart, naming a company is not an easy job. It can take a toll on your mental peace and cause turbulence in your daily life. Even more so now, when other companies are running hangry over brand names and domain names that match.

You need to outrun them. Here’s how you can do it.



1. What Makes a Good Name?

What exactly makes a good name?

There’s no universal answer to this question…  everybody has ideas about what names are good when they hear “good name”.

A good name is a perfect amalgam of positivity and intent.

Do remember, that your company’s name will be the first thing your clients hear and associate with your company. So, it is pretty important that the name has a lasting effect … scratch that, a ‘positive’ lasting effect on your customer . Your company’s name should suggest an intent and a vision which you and your hard-working partners have.


2. Brainstorm a List of Names

Brainstorming is sure to generate a lot of new business name potential. That being said, after doing some of this brainstorming — it’s a good idea to step back and separate the good from the bad.

Now you can note down those top names and churn out some keywords that will prefix or suffix to your company’s name and make it whole. If you find difficulty choosing a name, you may always look for inspiration around you. Search for the top competitors of your niche and analyze how they ended up with the name they have.

Always be open to unique ideas, who knows you might get the name best for your company?


3. Narrow It Down to a Few Names

After you have brainstormed some names, its time prune the list of names you have churned out for your company even further. You need to chop off the names you or your business advisors don’t feel like going with. Business advisors can be anyone – your loved ones, your family members, another professional, etc. Also while you narrow down the list of names, you need to take the keywords into consideration too, if they will go hand in hand with your company’s name or not.



4. Brand Naming Agency

Chances are that you still haven’t come up with that perfect name for your new company, don’t worry at all.

Sometimes you need the help of outside professionals, and there are definitely Brand Naming Agencies in the market for people who are not able to come up with result-oriented company names. A good Brand Naming Agency can work wonders when it comes to generating the perfect name for any company. But before hiring this kind of agency for your company, you need to know what a brand naming agency does? They analyze the market density and what exactly your company needs. A brand naming firm does everything from performing research and analytics for your benefits to generating ideas to visualizing strategies, to networking and promoting your brand name, and last but not the least, delivering a professional name that resonates with a specific audience.


5. Find Out Which One Is Perfect

The perfect brand naming agency does the following to deliver unblemished and up to the mark results :

  • Perceive your company’s goals wholly – A good naming agency will deeply understand the sole concept of your company and understand its vision to deliver the best name. The agency will closely analyze your target audience and what they like and dislike. In most cases, your branding agency will be the one to know the concealed weaknesses of your company and veil them to perfection.
  • They understand your competitors – The perfect agency understands that the reputation of a branding agency depends solely on the reputation of their client’s company. So they closely interpret the methods your competitors gamble to get onward of you in the business, and they counter it with their branding and promotion.


6. Domination

You can also test run some names to see which of them dominates the most. Many companies including the media giant have changed their name after consumer feedback and market research proved there could be improvement.

This way you can come up with certain ways to churn out the best name for your company.