How do Google Ads help businesses optimize their profits?

Are you one of the many businesses under the false impression that Google Ads are a waste? Learn how to optimize your ads for profit.

How do Google Ads help businesses optimize their profits?

Bill Bernbach rightly says, “In advertising, not to be different is virtually suicidal.”

Today, advertising plays a very decisive role in the business scenario as it is extremely important to make your audience aware of your existence in the current market.

Well, it doesn’t end there.

Mere awareness is not sufficient enough, as there are a number of businesses operating around the globe with the same niche of products as yours. Hence, it is of utmost importance to engage and persuade the consumers in the best possible way, by making use of the best advertising techniques.

One of these advertising techniques that can help your business grow online is Google advertising.


Google Ads is an efficient marketing strategy developed by Google. It allows businesses to run their ads on the Google search results page. The ads look very similar to that of the normal search results with the only difference being the insertion of the word ‘Ad’ in green color. They typically show up at the top or bottom of a search results page.

google ads



How do Google Ads function?


The nature of Google Ads is that of an auction that solely centers around the relevance of ad campaigns which are closely associated with the keywords chosen. Advertisers pick keywords that are highly relevant in the current market scenario and that users are likely to search when trying to find a specific product online.


The ad auction takes place every time a user enters a keyword in Google. This implies that every time a user makes an effort in entering a particular keyword paves the way to prospective new users and also help businesses in reaching out to a diverse set of audiences worldwide. This is what makes Google Ads an effective and highly potent marketing tool.



Ten comprehensive steps to get you started


Advertising on Google can be pretty simple…

All you need to do is open a free AdWords account by entering all your relevant details.

Though it is fairly important that you understand the impact of AdWords and your Ad Spend after opening that free account. Not to worry, adhering to this ten-step process will guide you in setting up Google Ads that work for your business. Take a look!




Why advertise on Google?


There are primarily three key aspects which make Google the most preferred advertising platform.


1. Setting your audience


With Google Ads, businesses can limit their audience to a said geographical location of their choice, say, for instance, you can restrict your audience visibility to just New York or to any place of a certain distance depending on the analysis drawn for your sales.


Google Ads, when compared to Facebook, is undoubtedly compelling. Let me brief you why. Take, for instance, you are a pizza delivering agency and have posted your advertisement on Facebook about your exclusives and services rendered. The advertisement that you have just drafted and posted can be viewed only on Facebook exclusively and so, the audience exposure is limited. Also, the ad does not reach the users who are actually craving to have pizza at that instant. This is where Google Ads come to play. Google Ads allows you to target specific groups who are keen on consuming your products at the very moment and are currently viewing your ad.


2. Pay-per-click


One of the major fascinating aspects of Google advertising is that businesses are liable to pay only if their advertisement becomes productive. Google Ads permit its users to set their own charges for the pay-per-click ad and also set a budget on a daily basis. Pay-per-click advertising differs hugely from that of traditional advertising which costs quite heavy without taking into consideration the views of the ad.


Google uses a pay-per-click advertising approach wherein the business pays only if the user has searched for a keyword that it has bid on. This, in turn, reflects the interest of the user in the advertisement posted and he eventually clicks to find more about it.


Keywords are indeed a major determining factor when it comes to advertising on Google. Thus, it is advisable that you understand the significance and the types of keywords you should be focusing on.

The popular types of keywords include:


Broad match keyword: in broad match, your ad will be displayed despite the order of words the user has typed.


For instance, if you are searching for ‘Roulette tips’, it will display tips Roulette, tips and strategies of Roulette and many such.


Phrase match keyword: Phrase match displays your ad when the user enters the keyword in exact order.


For instance, if the phrase you have entered is ‘the Roulette tips’, your ad will only be displayed to users who type exactly the same phrase without making any changes.


Exact match keyword: In this type, your ad will be displayed only when the exact word is searched for by the user. Taking the same example as above, if the user enters ‘Roulette tips’, then, the page will only display Roulette tips or what are the best Roulette tips.


Thus, Google Ads have gone a long way in changing the outlook of advertising to a remarkably great extent by only allowing businesses to pay when their advertisement has been clicked and viewed by the users.


3. Seamless tracking ability


The Google Ads marketing tool provides an all-inclusive dashboard which helps businesses ascertain their growth and visibility in the market. A systematic study of the dashboard can certainly help businesses in coming up with an effective ad campaign thus broadening their perspectives and viewpoints of their products and the services they intend offering. This is a huge plus for small-scale businesses.


Besides this, the Google Ads tool is highly flexible, meaning, the business may also choose to stop running their ad if they find that there is no appropriate result found for the same.



Concluding thoughts


Advertising on Google is impactful and no doubt coherent, provided you have conducted in-depth research on the keywords of your niche. Apart from this, it is also important to constantly experiment with different kinds of ads in order to know which one suits your business best as this will also help you in cutting down your expenditure on ads considerably.


And, always remind yourself, “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” Think smart, act wisely!