How to Plan an Affordable PPC Ads Campaign

If you want to win at Google Adwords you need to really plan out not only an affordable PPC Ads campaign, but a laser targeted and segmented campaign.


How to Plan an Affordable PPC Ads Campaign

Getting your marketing message in front of the right people is not always easy, and making mistakes can cost you a lot of money. Reaching your target audience, however, does not need to be a difficult or challenging task to complete. If you want to attract targeted visitors who will be interested in what you have to offer, you can’t go wrong with Google Adwords (if you have an Affordable PPC Ads Campaign strategy in place).

PPC Ads will allow you to get your ads in front of people who are actively searching for the products or services that you offer, and this approach can work wonders for your bottom line. If you don’t want your effort to go to waste, learn how to get the most from your PPC budget. Once you have a plan and follow the correct process, you will be impressed with what you can achieve. The following information will outline the right path for planning an affordable PPC Ads campaign with positive results.


Focus on Your Main Product or Service

If you are like other managers and business owners, you have several offers that you are eager to promote, but you will need to start small if your goal is to get the most from your PPC budget. For your first campaign, only create one advertisement to promote your primary product or service, which will reduce the amount of money that you will lose during your search for the best possible approach.

Uncovering a winning PPC strategy is an art and science, and viewing the process as an experiment will help you avoid discouragement. Once your first advertisement gets the results for which you have been hoping, you can expand your campaign to include additional offers. Although you could feel tempted to ignore this advice, doing so will likely be an expensive mistake.


Use Email Marketing

When it comes to PPC advertisements, you will need to pay for each prospect that comes to your website, blog or sales page. Even if you have a proven campaign in place, your marketing costs can still eat into your profit, but it does not need to be that way. If you want to reduce your overhead and enhance your effectiveness, consider the benefits of email marketing.

As long as you implement it correctly and avoid common mistakes, email marketing will allow you to stay in touch with your prospects over the long run. You will be able to send targeted traffic to your website without any additional cost once you have built your mailing list, and doing so will help you improve the value of each prospect. People won’t always want to give you their contact information, but you can offer coupons, special discounts and trial offers to entice them to sign up.


Consider Buyer Intent

Some marketers will target every keyword related to their business when they want to expand their reach, but following in their footsteps is not wise. When people look up terms in the search engines, they are not always ready to make a purchase, so failing to take buyer intent into account will harm your results.

The Best PPC Agencies understand the phrases that people use when they are ready to spend their money are more cost effective and produce a much better ROI. Consumers tend to search for reviews and the best products on the market when they are ready to enter the final stage of the buying process, and you will want to keep that fact in mind as you craft your PPC campaigns.


Use Exact Phrases and Keywords

Using exact phrases and keywords is a powerful step when your mission is to get the most from each dollar that you spend on your PPC campaign. In most situations, the search engines will display your ads each time someone searches for words or phrases that are similar to the ones you have targeted. While this approach seems to make sense on the surface, it falls apart when you take a closer look at it.

If a prospect searches for free products related to your business, the search engine will still display your ads. Choosing to only show your advertisements to those who search for your exact phrases will help you attract people who are likely to make a purchase. Since it is one of the major technique to make your campaign successful, initially you should consider taking help of a digital marketing agency to invest your money in those keywords that could help you get the best possible CPC ratio.

exact phrase match keywords

Make Your Advertisements Relevant

Since the search engines want to provide their users with the best possible experience, they want to work with advertisers who create and promote relevant ads. When people respond to your PPC advertisements, the search engines will show their appreciation by lowering the amount that you pay for each click.

ad relevancy

They determine the relevancy of your ads based on the number of people who click your links, so ensuring that you target keywords that are related to your products and services is a critical part of the puzzle that you can’t afford to overlook if you don’t want to fall behind.


Track Your Results

Although most people want to get a desirable outcome when they use PPC marketing to promote their businesses, they don’t always track their results. Small changes can improve your conversion rate and relevancy scores, so you will always want to test your approach.

Most search engines will show you statistics for each of your targeted phrases, but you can even use conversion pixels to get a clear picture. If you notice that a keyword is not performing well, remove it from your campaign so that you can avoid wasting money, and you can increase your budget on keywords that offer breathtaking returns.


Final Thoughts

When you want to take your PPC effort to new heights, using a proven strategy is the pillar on which you will build your success. Only promoting your main product or service will allow you to learn the basics without forcing you to spend too much money, but testing your results and making small changes will work wonders for your bottom line.

Once you uncover an approach that earns a consistent income, you can reinvest in your marketing campaign to enjoy even more rewards, and you will be proud of what you have accomplished as long as you stay on track and keep these tips at the front of your mind.