Get the ROI You Paid For: 7 Leading Facebook Ad Tips on Mobile Devices

Running a Facebook Ad campaign is a pretty big waste of money if you’re not getting the ROI you paid for – Get the leading Facebook Ad tips to do just that.

Get the ROI You Paid For

When we talk about mobile marketing, both mobile and social media go hand-in-hand.


Every day, millions of people on Facebook engage with business pages and nearly half of those people are accessing Facebook pages using their mobile devices. Not only do they engage with a business via mobile, but they are also discovering brands that are relevant to them.


So, when utilizing Facebook for your business, you have to leverage mobile marketing as well. Taking advantage of this opportunity will less likely pose a challenge as long as you keep these handy tips in mind:


1. Create your copy short enough

When your ad copy is too long, Facebook will shorten it with the “Continue Reading” link.


This may be relatively fine to an audience who already knows you, such as your loyal customers. However, there is a high probability that this will be shown to people who might not be so familiar with your brand.


And these are people who are less likely to click “Continue Reading” and spend the time to read what you have to say.


So, to get the most out of your Facebook ad copy, seek the help of someone from your Facebook advertising agencies list to ensure that your message is brief but concise.


2. Link your CTA to your Messenger

Facebook has created ads in a way that it will send people from their newsfeeds to send a chat on you via Messenger.


The Messenger destination ads have a CTA button that will link your ads to your Messenger. Once people get to click your ad, they will be redirected to a chatbot that shows a welcome message, in which you can give out further instructions.


So, if you are selling products and services that have a long purchase process, then you might find this ad product handy.


People will get in touch with you a couple of times before eventually making a purchase. For instance, if you are nurturing a lead from a specific campaign, chatting up customers is a great way to set up an appointment or close in a sale.


Through a Messenger Destination Ad campaign, you can try combining these ads with your retargeting strategy. You can even effectively target users through their behaviors, interests, and so on.


3. Be visible on mobile searches

Do you know that 91 percent of local searchers say that they utilize Facebook to look for local businesses online?


Whether you like it or not, users are searching for small businesses like yours on the platform. That’s why you have to ensure that you have a Facebook Business page that is ready, up-to-date, and complete.


Users on Facebook can search you up through your business name, category, and based on your location. That’s why you have to check the category that you belong to, making sure that it is the right one.


Update your contact information, business hours, and also try out “Facebook Nearby” to check if the map and directions are right. Now, more than ever, you must stay visible on mobile searches.


4. Properly render your landing page

When you make your Suggested Posts visible to mobile users, then you are making a promise to users that when they click on their tablet or mobile phone, a landing page will show up properly.


However, if it fails to, then you are losing out visitors, losing lots of revenue, and wasting your money on ads.


So, before you think about launching a Suggested Post, you can test out your experience on mobile devices, ensuring that you have a seamless experience.


You must also ensure that user experience is your number one priority in all your campaigns.


5. Allow people to signup easily

Facebook’s lead ads are highly effective in generating leads, letting people subscribe in just two clicks.


The usual Facebook ad campaign will redirect users to your site’s landing page where they can complete a sign-up form. That’s why your site’s loading site is vital. Otherwise, your prospective customers can leave without having to opt-in.


Facebook lead ads are designed specifically for traffic on mobile, and you do not have to use a landing page to generate leads. Instead, once people click on your ad, the platform will populate the opt-in form with their data, making the sign-up process easy.


6. Encourage customers to check-in

“Facebook Nearby” results might not always show businesses in close proximity, reviews, check-ins, personal preferences, friend activity, and the likes.


So, what should you do instead? You could encourage people to check-in at your location.


Recommendations from Facebook friends are likely to show up, more so on mobile. This provides an excellent tool for a recommendation based on word of mouth!


The platform will also promote to mobile users who recommended your page, but it will not hurt to give your customers a little nudge asking for recommendations in exchange for an incentive.


7. View your ad in mobile before posting

In the final steps of ad creation in your Ads Manager, you will come across a preview of your ad on the right-most corner of your screen.


Most of these ad previews show up by default, so ensure that you click the drop-down and hit the “Mobile News Feed” first to view your mobile preview.



There you have it. Those are a couple of handy Facebook ad tips on mobile devices.


As surfing the internet and Facebook on mobile continues to increase, so will mobile advertising.


Do not be intimidated or put off with the term “mobile marketing” or “mobile advertising.” The most crucial thing that you need to do today, if you are a marketer or a small business owner, is to be aware that your brand is represented in several places. Not to mention that people are more likely to access your business address and contact information.


By being conscious and aware of your brand’s mobile presence, you will be gladly setting up yourself for mobile-marketing success in the long run. Also, be ready to grab the attention of mobile users!