BuzzStream Just Made it a Whole Lot Easier to Discover Influencers!

One of the biggest hurdles in any content marketing or SEO campaign strategy is to discover influencers in order to propel your success. I recently read a post by Barry Levine over at MarketingLand that talked about a new search engine to find influencers. Well, I had to check that out and you should too.


BuzzStream recently announced BuzzStream Discovery, a new product that makes finding and researching influencers for your marketing campaigns a much smoother process. The tool is currently in open beta, and free to use immediately.

SEO link building and content marketing are pretty much the same thing now. Like Neil Patel said, “relationships are the new backlink”  In order to get that all-mighty and powerful back link or to establish authority, you have to have the right content, the right website, in short the right influencer.

This typically begins by compiling a list of contacts to so we can begin reaching out with topics and ideas. We’re all aware of the time consuming challenges of building an outreach list, looking for influential content contributors, finding authorities to write product reviews or engaging in any other influencer marketing activities. With BuzzStream’s new influencer discovery tool you can simply enter a keyword or phrase people in your vertical care about, and it will return a list of some of the most relevant influencers writing about that topic. This new tool appears to be the perfect match for their main outreach management tool.


“BuzzStream Discovery is one of the most fully-featured, powerful, and fast influencer search engines I’ve ever seen. I expect many marketers will make this their go-to tool for starting the outreach process.”

Rand Fishkin, Moz

This is definitely the HOT inbound marketing tool of the year. Hop over and check it out to start building influencer relationships today.