Effectively setting up an SEO budget for a particular campaign can be pretty challenging and probably the toughest decision to make when figuring out how to market your website online. Once you have a general idea of what you would like to accomplish, you could go about allocating that budget to the various areas that make the most sense.

setting up an seo budget

Your budget would be the determining factor for the kind of strategies you could afford and the sort of results that follow. So your budget is not to be taken lightly.

Here are a few smart tips for effectively setting your SEO budget.

Be Aware of Your Limitations

Knowing your limits is definitely the first thing to do, while setting up an seo budget. In case you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur attempting to set up a start-up and you seem to have monetary restraints or limited cash flow, you would be only having a precise amount of cash for allocating toward any new marketing program. You could be thinking of eliminating other marketing strategies that do not seem to be working. This way you could save and generate some money. If cash flow is a problem then understanding your limit, while investing in any marketing program is essential.

On the other hand, if you have substantial money for spending, the decision regarding allocation of funds toward SEO could become even more difficult to make. Uncertainty in SEO strategies can be difficult to overcome. Regardless of how much of a budget you have, setting realistic objectives and goals will help you determine whether your money is being spent effectively.

Set Your Objectives & Goals

You should set precise goals for yourself. You should figure out what exactly you are thinking of achieving. You must be aware that SEO can really be effective and can contribute greatly to the success of a business, but consider what precisely are you thinking of achieving from this deal. Understand what it is that you are aiming for. Are you looking for boosting indiscriminate traffic or do you wish to concentrate your attention on local users? Would your emphasis be on traffic volume or increased sales? Are you trying to beat a specific competitor?

Once you are clear about the goals you wish to attain, it would be easier in determining how much and exactly where you would require investing. For instance, if you want local traffic, your strategy should be concentrating on local SEO, that is usually more affordable and relatively less competitive. If for instance, your objective is generating more revenue, you should be targeting only the most appropriate and related keywords for your organization. This is time-consuming and you should be investing in effective peripheral conversion optimization strategies.

Assess Available Resource Options

Once you get an idea about where to invest and how much you could be investing, it is time you took into consideration the resource options available to you. Mostly there are three resource options available. You could be hiring someone in-house, contracting the project to freelancers or getting the work done by partnering with an agency.

When you contract the assignment to freelancers, there is potential for great savings, however it can also be a very risky endeavor, as you have no guarantee regarding freelancers’ job efficiency and performance. When you hire someone in-house you seem to be more in control over the situation. When you partner with a reputed agency, it could be more costly, but you could be assured of top quality and high levels of proficiency.

There are several online resources to find freelance seo experts, one of my favorites is UpWork. Upwork can allow you to find a reputed reputed digital marketing company in Mumbai or contract a marketing expert near you for all of your SEO solutions.

UpWork for Seo Freelancers

Examine Your Present Organic Visibility

It is a good idea to analyze your present organic search visibility. Evaluate various aspects. Are you having a website? Is your website optimized for mobile? Do you have all pages with optimized descriptions and titles? Do you rely on any on-going content strategy? Do you follow a process that is robust enough to maximize your content visibility? The lesser foundational elements possessed by you, the more you would be requiring to pay.

Establish Available Options

At this juncture, you should be well-aware and confident about where exactly you stand; the exact amount of money you could be spending and which is the best place to divert your funds. It is safest for you to opt for a typical and less risky middle-of-the-road allocation, neither at the very high end nor at the low end of the target range.

Remember that the initial few months could be pretty precarious and difficult. You could keep some alternative options at hand. The best thing about SEO seems to be the fact that there is always some scope for adjustment. You would be having time for adjusting your budget, adjusting your tactics and making necessary modifications to the overall campaign.


 This post was contributed by Sujain Thomas