Why Is Your Company Culture Your Best Marketing Tool?

Company culture isn’t just a brand buzzword, it’s a marketing strategy that savvy brands are using to connect with their audience in a meaningful way.

Company Culture Your Best Marketing Tool

Marketing is vital to attract new customers and retain old ones. It’s one of the most important aspects of a company that can determine its brand, image, and public opinion. Also, marketing is the driving force towards profit and means to rise above the competition.

One of the emerging trends is using company culture as a marketing tool. It gives you a new and more personal way to connect with your target audience and build a trusting relationship with it. Before we discuss why and how we should start by understanding what company culture represents in order to make it a part of your website marketing strategy.

Let’s talk a bit about company culture

Company culture represents values, beliefs, and behaviors expressed through the way that business interacts with its target audience, partners, competition, employees, and other entities connected to it. It is as much about the way a company behaves within as it is about how it treats the outside world.

For example, customers today are more aware of the manufacturing process and its impact on the environment. A company that is eco-friendly, green, and determined to preserve nature is more respected and popular than the one that doesn’t abide by these notions. Some of the most important things about company culture are:

  • Satisfied and engaged employees
  • Clearly defined values and mission
  • Great work environment
  • Diversity
  • Transparency
  • Accessible leaders
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Humanitarian work
  • Environmental policies, etc.

These factors greatly contribute to building a positive company culture which can become a powerful marketing tool. It may take years to create the type of company culture that will bring you gratifying results, but it is a smart investment of your time, money, and efforts.

Find the right culture for your company

Defining a company culture is probably one of the hardest things to do. You need to think about internal motivations as well as the external perception of your business. However, finding the right culture for your company will allow you to use its aspects in your marketing strategy.

Bear in mind that you are not only trying to attract an audience, but also to stand out among the competitors. So, concentrating on unique and important advantages may be your ticket to win over the market. While you will share similarities with other businesses, consider differences that will make you more special for your customers.

Target audience likes to know why you do things

The audience today is inquisitive, curious, and analytical. It’s a tough world to earn money and they want to know if they are spending it in the right place. It matters to them why you do things much more than what you do. Basically, customers choose a company that is in line with their own beliefs and interests.

So, regardless of the great marketing for products or services, the customers will avoid businesses they perceive as untrustworthy. For this reason, improving your company culture may be one of the biggest parts of your marketing campaign. The customer wants to identify with the company, so understanding your target audience is among the first steps to take to ensure successful advertising.

Turn your employees into brand ambassadors

Your employees are one of the best ways to tell a story about your company culture. For that, you need to send a clear message to your employees, from the lowest-paid positions to the highest. This message should be about the company’s mission and views, and the role every employee plays in achieving goals and leaving an impact on the lives of people in the community. By doing so, you are allowing your employees to become brand ambassadors and be committed to your vision.

In a way, this will turn your company culture into your brand. With employee engagement, diversity, and a positive work environment, you will be able to transform the company culture into a positive experience. The employees will post about the company on their social media and talk about it with other people, thus showing their satisfaction with their workplace. Once the customers see you value your employees, they will know you will appreciate them as well.

Work on your website

Building your online presence is more important than you think. A company without a website or with a bad one will most likely be lost to some customers, like millennial generation and younger. Moreover, the modern-day business has switched to digital methods and your website is your calling card. Nonetheless, it is not enough to have a website, but you need to invest in its design and content so it represents your company in the best way.

Make sure to include your goals, mission, interests outside your products and services, information about your employees, and team activities. Also, include clear contact details so your customers can easily reach you for questions, suggestions, and complaints. Maintaining a constructive and good communication with your customers is the key to show them your company culture practically.

Don’t shy away from social media

Social media is not something to hide from, but to embrace it and use it to tell your story more personal to your customers. It doesn’t matter what kind of products and services you offer. Having a social media presence will help you connect to clients all over the world. Some companies hire social media experts, while others decide to build their social media by themselves. Therefore, think carefully whether this is something you can do alone or you need professional guidance.

Sharing pictures of your employees in a casual setting, like participating in sports activities or playing a video game, is a wonderful way to get your company culture out there. Remember that every social media has its audience so you can get in touch with your customers by using the right one. Additionally, you have to adjust your content to the sensibility of different media. For example, Instagram should be for informal images and LinkedIn for posts about your latest project.

Make your job offers interesting

If you want to hire the right people, you have to attract them with interesting ways to present job offers. While a simple ad can get you applications, you may inspire more suitable candidates to apply for the job by being more creative and modern. First of all, ask yourself what kind of employees your company wants to hire and consider them your target group. That will help you adjust your presentation for the right audience.

For example, making a cool video that will show off all the benefits of working for you and the vibe of your company offices. Make sure to highlight the perks, like a kitchen equipped with an espresso coffee machine or Zen garden on the roof. Give details about the job position and what you expect from your potential employee. By reinventing your hiring practices, you will create a positive company culture that will act as a marketing tool, gaining you both excellent employees and new customers.

Invite people to experience your company culture

The best way for people to find out more about your company culture is to invite them to experience it firsthand. Organize tours for potential clients and employees so they can see in person how your company works. Throwing a party is also an excellent approach to introduce yourself to the community. This is the moment where you should engage your employees as much as possible for networking and representing the company.

Online channels, live events, and webinars are also perfect to maintain contact with your audience. Your company can use these resources to show how it functions to people who are unable to personally visit the offices. If you are doing business internationally or want to use another option to present yourself, consider a virtual tour as one more way to promote your company culture. Internship programs are a fantastic means to show your workplace environment to potential employees or people who want to get the feel of your industry or expertise.

Work on your merchandise

Every business has some type of merchandise that is perfect for advertising. Merchandise gives you a lot of options to create attractive social media posts. This is an amazing example of how traditional marketing is still relevant and can enhance your online advertising. However, there are a few things to pay attention to before designing your merchandise.

Invest in items people will want to have and use every day. Moreover, make sure they are made from eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and quality materials, as well as through the practice respecting those principles. A big plus is to cover all genders, racial groups, ages, shapes, and sizes so no one feels discriminated or left out. Remember that while slogans and logos are recognizable symbols for your company, the practices you support will also matter to your existing and potential customers.

Use printed media, as well

While almost every printed media is available online, traditional issues are still relevant in the marketing world. Having an article published in the printed media with colorful photographs can give a company certain sophistication and prestige. This is especially important for local businesses who want to get in touch with potential customers in the area on a more personal level.

Work on establishing a relationship with journalists from newspapers and magazines who you can call to cover events you are organizing or product launches. Interviews with employees or presentations of projects from a more personal and less promotional perspective is a good approach to present your company culture. People like to hear stories about success, hard work, dedication, and fulfilling the dream — something your employees can tell because of the positive company culture at the office.

Final thoughts

While there are so many ways to advertise your business, marketing has never been more demanding. Customers like to know they are important, but they are also looking for a company that shares their view of the world. Company culture is the best marketing tool you can have to show your customers, clients, and partners who and what lies behind your products and services. It’s a potent resource that can both improve your workplace environment and help you gain points with the outside world.