7 Tips to Turn Your Interests into an Incredible Career

Tired of showing up to your 9 to 5? Why not turn your interests into an incredible career and start enjoying your life 70% more?

Turn Your Interests into an Incredible Career

There are several times in our lives that we tend to doubt whether we are in the right or wrong career. The question comes in when you struggle to report to work every day only because you need to earn a living and maybe provide for your household. You find yourself less interested in your job and lose passion for it. If this is the case, then perhaps it’s time for you to find out what you love doing and turn it into your career. Here are some tips you can use to turn your interests into an incredible full-time job.


1. Discover what you are passionate about

You should note the difference between a hobby and a passion. Your passion is that thing you enjoy doing, and have a natural feeling to excel in it. Before quitting your daily job, you need to find out what you love doing. Enjoying some activities like selling things online does not necessarily mean you should venture into digital marketing. Your passion might be something else altogether. Make sure you find out something more than just a hobby to you. It should be a venture that makes you happy doing. Therefore you need to keep your options open and explore them before making a huge decision to make your interest a profession.


2. Gain Experience in the Field You Want to Pursue

Once you discover where your passion is, you should try and gain some experience in line with it. Before calling it quits on your day to day job, ensure you have a remarkable experience on what you want to pursue afterwards. Learning some basic skills may be necessary before you fully commit to the venture. You need to do extensive research on your interests and develop ideas on how to make them even more enjoyable. Check on what others have done in line with what you want to pursue and learn what makes them successful. Focus on your interests in your free time, by watching videos related to what you are passionate about, or even enrolling in part-time classes.


3. Make a Plan Out of the Ideas you have

Having a plan is a crucial aspect for anyone who wants to venture into entrepreneurship. Outlines help you see a bigger picture of your prospective career opportunity. It would be best to make a detailed plan of the steps you will take to make your career thought a reality. In your outline, you must include what you are to do and the amount of money you require to spend on the actualization of your idea. You need to have more than one plan to act as security in case the first one fails.


4. Take a huge Leap

Many times people grow cold feet when it gets to starting up a new career path. The best thing to do when you have done all the research needed and develop a plan for your career venture is to take a leap and start it. It is easier for us to make excuses of all kinds as to why we can’t implement our ideas, but the greatest hindrance to our progress is us. It is sporadic for other people to stop us from venturing into what we like. There will be a lot of doubts and ‘what ifs’ trying to hold us back. The question is how we handle such doubts. Opportunities come once in a lifetime. Once one comes your way, take it and never look back. Possibly you will lose some benefits from the previous job, but it’s worth it if you are venturing into what you like.


5. Picture Your New Career as a Passion Rather Than a Job Title

Having imaginations of your future self on your new career path motivates you to push harder for the success of your new career. Do not view your new career as a job title but rather as a direction you enjoy taking. At first, you have to see it as something you enjoy doing, even without receiving any returns. If you are lucky to go to a country like Thailand, you can pursue your passion for teaching abroad without having an associated degree. For example, there are multiple ways foreigners can land teaching jobs in Thailand without a degree. Instead of earning the title of a teacher, you are referred to as a classroom assistant at first. As you progress and process the necessary documents, you gain the status of a full-time teacher.


6. Seek Funding

Starting up a new career path requires you to have some funding for the project to succeed. In instances where you cannot raise such funds on your own, you can look for grants or loans from other sources. You can save while still working at your daily job and later use them to fund your new venture. You can also decide to apply for grants from trustworthy financial institutions and plan with them on how to pay back once the career opportunity picks up.


7. Always Remain Flexible and Open to Other Ideas

The path to a successful career shift is occasionally full of challenges. Making a change between interests and careers has some looming setbacks associated. You have to be open to making changes in your venture along the way. Listen to other people’s ideas on how to make improvements to the investment. Shifting your interest into a career also requires motivation. Being proactive, therefore, makes you grow closer and closer to your goal. You will eventually get a reward for your hard work and toil at the end of the day. Be open to criticism too because it helps you figure out what to improve.



For a successful shift from your interest to a career, you must possess a real passion for whatever you want to pursue. Many have tried this transition several times and failed because they misjudged their love for other things. However, if you genuinely love doing that thing and consider investing in it, go for it.