Better Web Hosting Equals Better Search Rankings

Can you expect better search rankings when using good web hosting service providers? Well, search rankings can be impacted negatively by poor hosting…

Better Web Hosting


No matter how much attention and effort you put into search engine optimization campaign, it will not be easy to earn good ranks if you overlook the aspect of web hosting. Although it is not well known if web hosting helps to improve search rankings it must be admitted that the former can often impact the rankings negatively. Therefore, being mindful about your web host will give you the advantage of doing somewhat better, if at all, rather than risking adverse results. Leaving aside the commercial considerations, you must focus on selecting the web host based on the aspects of its popularity and the quality of service. Also, you must consider the SEO angle during the process of web host selection. How much the web host could support your SEO initiatives must be topmost on your mind when choosing the web hosting service.

There is no direct evidence to show that web hosting is responsible for good ranks in search results. However, if you find that your website is repeatedly failing in indexing by search engines despite taking the best optimization measures, then the web hosting service could be responsible for it. Shared web hosting which is most common for economic reasons often create impediments for websites that prevents it from doing well in website ranking during search results.

In this article, we have discussed the ways web-hosting impacts search rankings and what to look for in web hosts from the SEO perspective.


Web hosting concerns

shared web hosting

Since shared hosting services are most common, the concerns also originate from it. Assuming that you use a shared server to host your website and find that search rankings are taking a hit for unknown reasons in spite of implementing the best techniques in optimization, the chances are that the web host is at fault. If you feel that there is nothing more to be done in optimization, it is a sign that you must now look up to the web hosting service. In all probability, your ranking is suffering due to some issues arising from the web hosting service.

Others misdeeds affect you

Now let us look at some scenarios where the web host might have gone wrong and made you suffer. Since shared hosting is economical as compared to having a dedicated IP address or having dedicated hosting or virtual private hosting, the majority of websites prefer shared hosting. However, as the spirit of sharing stipulates, you must be ready to accept the share of misgivings too that arise from it, even though you might not be at fault.

Issues that you might face

There might be occasions when the domain on your server and the IP attract Google penalty because of spamming, and as your website is a part of that domain, you must be ready to take the hit, although you are not responsible for it. The price you pay is the result of living with bad neighbors that you just cannot help. Google has nicely termed it as the effect of living in a dangerous neighborhood.

Besides spammy websites, Google also shoots down illegal sites or those that publish unlawful and prohibited content, and this can prove your undoing. You might be sharing the server with some other website that contains banned adult content, and Google blacklists it. The spillover of the ban will also affect you because you will find that your site is also facing Google’s penal action.

Look for web host that supports better ranking

Taking precautions when selecting the web host is the only way to derive the benefits of shared hosting while keeping away from its harmful effects. Since search ranking is your concern and you want the host to support your SEO initiatives for better ranks, there are two things that the host must ensure.

Firstly, continuous visibility of your website is the prime necessity to ensure good positions in search results. The SEO measures that you take help to increase visibility. The web hosting service must guarantee that it is capable of providing uninterrupted service so that your website is always up and running. Besides viewers having round the clock access, continuous visibility gives more exposure of sites to search engines that crawl websites at any hour of the day. Missing an opportunity due to website downtime will make the website wait until the next crawl, and it can be costly for earning better ranks.

Secondly, your web host must inform you in advance for expected, planned downtime for maintenance so that you can plan for contingencies. If your website suddenly vanishes from the internet without your knowledge, it is time to change your web host.

How popular is the host?

To judge the capabilities and reliability of web hosts, you must rely on its popularity and acceptance level among website owners. The extent of reach the host has among site owners is an indication of its trustworthiness. You must also ascertain that even the most popular host has good acceptability among all the leading search engines and not Google alone. It should not happen that the host finds less favor from one of the major search engines and you miss the traffic that could come from it.

Speed of loading

Viewers like fast loading websites, and there is a direct link between site speed and its search ranking. The speed of website does not depend on the technicalities and design of websites alone but also on the resources that you use for hosting. The web host must have enough resources to support all sites on its server with high speed. Evaluate how much support you get in this regard from the web host before deciding to go with them. The host must be efficient to distribute the resources of the server to all users so that all websites that it hosts enjoy optimal speed.

Avoid the lure of cheap price in selecting web hosts because it is more than worth paying slightly more and avail the services of the most popular web host.