How to Promote your brand through better social media management

Social media management is no easy task, learn how to promote your brand effectively by improving your social management.

social media management

Image Source: SproutSocial

Prior to social media, most branding was concentrated on broadcast ads, print media, and newsletters. This addition of social media has provided businesses to reach new customers quickly, but that doesn’t necessarily make it easy. Here are some tips to promote your brand across all platforms with better social media management.


1. Cover the fundamentals


You need to have a consistent logo, bio, color palette, and a handle for your promotion. However, several organizations like to change this logo styling a bit for every network depending on the availability of space and likings of the target audience. In any event, it is important to make sure that all your profiles use a common thread that can be recognized by people as your brand. After deciding on the basics, move onto the intermediate strategies. Keep in mind that all these strategies have to be updated and audited periodically. Also, ensure that you are posting according to a consistent schedule and your content aligns with the appearance of your branding.


2. Develop marketing personas


The marketing personas you will use are going to vary for all networks. For instance, audiences on Facebook are older than those on TikTok. It is reality and if you utilize the same content for both these platforms it may not resonate similarly. For ending this, it is a good idea to develop several personas about your marketing efforts. Assign relevant social media networks to these personas that match. Examine the various demographics of your network or you may set up a way for listening to queries when you are looking to interact with your audience. Develop content for matching these personas.


3. Extend the visual branding


After you have a consistent visual brand for all network accounts it is time to take further actions. This involves ensuring that you have similar fonts and colors reflecting from your images, videos, and graphics. When a visitor comes to your Instagram page does the filter or color combination look clear to him immediately. When some video is published, the overlay text fonts have to be similar to those used for the featured image of your blog post. Develop graphic templates for similar kinds of announcements. For instance, new product announcements must have a similar color, font, and design. All your posts must flow seamlessly into one another. You can make use of development tools that help with specific pages, such as WordPress reset, that help with the overall branding. 


4. Develop several accounts for focusing on different areas


In case your company is large enough with a diverse set of products and services it is a good idea to have multiple accounts. There are many advantages associated with using different accounts including capabilities to hyper-focus on the brand, catering to a specific viewership, and serving relevant content. Consider all your offerings and check where it will be good to divide and focus. For all accounts repeat the branding steps to ensure consistency across them. You may also need to use Residential Proxies for brand protection. For instance, one of the locations might need to be more sarcastic than the other.


5. Measure the effects of your branding efforts


You have a common goal to raise brand awareness across all social media networks. In reality, performing strategies for reaching this target is the difficult part. These business examples, strategies, and other actionable steps are needed to set you up on the right path to establishing your brand for social media. Keep in mind that branding is not just limited to colors and logos. It’s related to your imagery, your voice, and even the target audience. All this makes measuring the success of your efforts a bit difficult. As you begin your branding efforts on social media platforms you will be able to see the impact by paying close attention to mentions, engagement, and share of voice. You may also use other techniques such as surveys to find out more details of their response.




It takes a long time to develop brand recognition over social media platforms. The more recognizable brands such as Nike and Coca-Cola had time on their side. Although you are not going to need decades of preparation for social media branding, you are going to need some amount of patience. You can use the strategies described above for setting yourself up on the path for improvement.