The Obvious Benefits of Being on the First Page of Google 

What does it mean for your business to be on the first page of Google? Can your business achieve this goal? Find out.

on the First Page of Google

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So many website owners prioritize the ranking of Google more than any other online marketing strategy.


The reason — because it’s the most visible signal for business success. 

That success can be broken down like this;

The clicks on your site will increase, and brand awareness will skyrocket; therefore, your sales of services or products will improve.


Typically, what we see on the first page of Google search results are businesses who have already clearly achieved success. These are usually big brands.

Is there room for the little guy on the first page of Google?

There is, but it’s not easy to attain.

Be as it may, there are certain benefits that you will get from being part of the elite group on the first page of Google, and here we will address some of the most important ones for your business. So, let’s begin.  

Much Better Brand Awareness

Once your business ranks on the first page of Google, it automatically becomes a lot more visible for potential customers, which instantly raises brand awareness. For instance, if you type any description of something, the search engine will provide info from the best brands, those who are popular but also most authentic. 


That’s why great SEO and content writing is essential since it improves your site the best possible way, which then leads to ranking high on Google, and that is the ultimate goal.


In addition, Google ranks high those competitors that are the best in the same market, so the brand awareness will vary according to where your business is ranked among all other companies. That’s why being in the top 10 is fantastic, but what is even more important is to stay there for a long time, continuously improving. 


So, with a high ranking on Google, you get a lot more brand awareness, and in today’s modern world where everything is online, and the market is global, excellent brand awareness is more than necessary. 

A Lot More Click-Through Rates

Higher visibility on Google by default means a lot more click-through-rates because any user is more likely to click on a link if it ranks high on Google organically. 


Therefore, your site views will increase, which means more customers and more sold services and products. Also, by ranking high organically, you will get a lot more new customers. In essence, we all know that people like to get the desired result fast when searching online, and ranking high will bring you a lot closer to them. 


Furthermore, it is fair to say that considering the number of competitors out there; it’s more than important to have higher click-through rates since becoming one of the most visited sites increases your stability as a business on every level. And ranking on the first page of Google gives you just that, a much higher click-through rate. 

You’ll Be More Authentic

You will be more authentic in the eyes of the customer or new visitor. Of course, by ranking high, you already proved that your business is reliable since otherwise Google won’t allow your company to rank among the best in the business. 


Nevertheless, this has additional benefits since it’s a sort of a psychological game with the users; once you rank high, they’ll be interested in your services by default. 


That’s why SEO is the best option since people know that if you rank high organically, you are the real deal. Moreover, unlike other search engines, Google makes a clear distinction between what is paid for and what is organic, so mistakes can’t be made.


In fact, when it comes to being authentic and reliable, things are pretty simple; once you become part of Google’s first page, you are a lot more authentic in the eyes of the customer. 

Higher Ranking Means Lower Marketing Costs

Yes, indeed, ranking high on Google is not something that is easily achieved, but after you do it, all other marketing difficulties are put aside. 




Because once you are among the best, people will see your site often, they will access it fast, they’ll be a lot more interested in your service and products, and your business will increase sales constantly. Therefore, a higher ranking means lower marketing costs for the entire company. 


Of course, you can also use other marketing tools to promote your offers, but you won’t have to do it as much, or you won’t have to spend as much money once you rank high on the first page of Google. So, it’s not a surprise why every business owner wants to be part of this search engine, and also, Google is the most used search engine in the entire world. 


These benefits are the goals of every business out there. Clearly we can’t all share the first page of Google, so what can you do to achieve the lofty goal of getting on the first page of Google?

First, you can learn how to set up an internal link silo for your website.

Second, Master the science of location pages.

Third, Learn how to use Adwords.

Lastly, understand how to measure your brand lift.


The benefits of being on the first page of Google are pretty clear, but the path to get there isn’t an easy one.

So, please don’t waste any more time and start investing in the right choice right now since time is precious in today’s global market, and once customers see you on the first page of Google, they will keep coming back.  If you’re looking for more help on ranking your website or content, check out these resources.