4 Tips for Measuring Your Brand Lift in Google Search

What is ‘brand lift’ and how do I measure it? Keep reading to find out and learn how measuring your brand lift is essential when it comes to Google Search.

Measuring Your Brand Lift

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Brand lift is the level of awareness of the target audience about the company in the Google search engine, its ability to recall and recognize the brand in different situations.

And the dream of any seller is to raise brand awareness to such a level that when asked, “What kind of product do you know?” a potential buyer would name his product.


Branding in marketing strategy

Branding and marketing strategy answer two critical questions: “Why will people buy this product?” and “How to sell?”. If you set an ambitious goal of becoming a market leader, you’re going to need to create brand lift and learn how to measure it.

Successful brands have tapped into an effective way to reach customers in order to raise awareness. If your goal is to build your brand, let’s look at 4 tips that will help in measuring your brand lift online.


1. Monitoring of social networks.

You can track audience reach and brand mentions on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social networks. The information obtained allows you to find out consumers’ attitudes to the company and its products. Monitoring social networks will enable you to give timely feedback, resolve controversial issues and set up communication.

You can also use “Google Alerts” or “Mention” to track brand mentions for keywords and phrases. Google Alerts is a tool from Google, thanks to which you can quickly track mentions of a company or product. The service offers monitoring by search engines and social networks. You can choose sites with a “good” reputation or all where there will be publications. Notifications will be sent to e-mail with the frequency provided by the settings – once a day or as they appear.


2. Google Analytics and Google Trends

Track the main traffic channels on the website, study the demographics of consumers, as well as their engagement. Analyze the keywords for which potential customers search for a brand on the Internet.

Google Trends is a convenient search query analysis service. Allows you to evaluate the popularity of a phrase or topic among users, seasonal fluctuations in interest, as well as geographical features. The service’s main page shows the most current trends, based on which you can select the desired geographic regions and add search words. Google Trends will show how the popularity of a search query has changed over the years. You can add 2-4 more requests and get a comparative popularity graph.


3. Questionnaires and surveys

You can quickly survey consumers using Google’s online survey services. At the beginning of the questionnaire, the user is asked to indicate the residence, gender, age, wealth level, and frequency of purchases of a particular product. Such a “passport” helps track the target audience’s reaction. The respondent is then asked to name the first brand name they remember of any product. This is how “top of mind” brands are defined.

You can also analyze reviews of the company and its products on specialized resources. Create a lead magnet on your site and ask users to answer a few questions about the brand in exchange for a bonus or a relevant gift. This will allow you to find out the opinion of consumers and get valuable information to improve your marketing strategy.


4. SEO consultant

Order market research to measure brand awareness using quantitative methods. I personally hate looking at data, so I hire an SEO consultant to get detailed analytics, find out the level of ad recall, the number of satisfied customers, and much more.

An SEO consultant will show how popular your product is or vice versa – and then you need to think about how to increase brand awareness. Moreover, you do not have to delve into all the complexities of product positioning on your own. To deal with this issue will help such experts on outsourcing. Outsourcing itself is an effective and convenient resource optimization tool. But only if the SEO consultant has a good reputation in the market and is ready to offer guarantees.


In conclusion

Use the methods available to you for measuring your brand lift in order to see the big picture and improve efficiency.

Regularly monitor search engine metrics, evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, implement a CRM system and set up end-to-end analytics for making management decisions. Remember, measuring your brand lift on Google is a key method that you need to understand in order to increase sales and strengthen your market position.