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Author: Pixel is the art director for Pixel Productions Inc., a strategic graphic and web design company where his focus is to continually find creative and innovative strategies to implement with businesses who need brand design and marketing with impact.
13 01, 2016

5 Web Design Issues That Could Be Holding Your Website Back

2016-01-13T16:47:14+00:00By |Small Business Tips, Web Design & Development|0 Comments

When it comes to website performance there is an endless array of optimization techniques, here are 5 core web design issues that will definitely hold your website back in terms of performance, rankings and user experience.Broken LinksLeaving out just a single character in a website link can have disastrous consequences. [...]

4 01, 2016

WordPress Duplicate Content and Search Rankings

2016-01-04T17:45:47+00:00By |Content Marketing, Google Search|0 Comments

WordPress makes managing content easy, but Wordpress duplicate content issues are super common because of this. How does Wordpress duplicate content affect your search rankings?Whether you realize it or not, chances are your website has at least some duplicate content. Perhaps it's boilerplate/template elements that are used throughout your site, [...]

30 12, 2015

Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Updates December 2015

2015-12-30T17:47:58+00:00By |Google Search|0 Comments

Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Updates December 2015: Many webmasters noticed heavy fluctuation in Google search traffic for December 2015 even though the Google Penguin Update was pushed to January 2016.Just hearing the word “Penguin” is enough to strike fear in the hearts of webmasters and Internet marketers. There’s been too much [...]

18 12, 2015

Brick and Mortars Looking To Mobile to Drive In-store Sales

2016-10-04T07:02:37+00:00By |Conversion Rate Optimization, Email Marketing, Google Search, Online Marketing|0 Comments

Most retailers think purely online sales when considering mobile shoppers, but statistics show that brick and mortars should be looking to mobile to drive in-store sales as well. Retailers must consider the entire purchase cycle when determining the role that mobile plays in their total store sales. Savvy retailers are [...]