Are Videos a Major Criterion to Enhance SEO Rankings?

Videos and SEO rankings work better together than peanut butter and chocolate, find out what role video plays in rankings and driving traffic.

Videos and SEO rankings

There is no denying that video content is an intrinsic aspect that helps determine a website’s rankings. Video marketing has become such a popular SEO tactic with businesses to penetrate niche markets and rank for quality traffic. In fact, featuring high-quality video content is more of a must have than a will consider in terms of marketing online.


Did you know? Video advertising was started in Yahoo and Bing as far back as in 2015 and has been massively effective for them and their clients.


Lisa Lubin accurately states,

“Video informs and entertains people and, good or bad, today most people prefer to watch a video rather than read a page of text.”

Videos are certainly an effective medium to engage people thus turning their attention to the products and services offered by a company resulting in website rankings leading to increased traffic.


But the big question is how exactly do videos impact SEO rankings?

Following up on that we’ll also need to understand, what are the aspects that make video content SEO-friendly? Let’s dive deeper!



What makes videos so impactful?


Well, there are a number of factors that makes video content the best-loved medium among any audience. Take a look!


1. Videos are simple and easy to interpret


Video delivers information quickly and effectively, allowing it to be interpreted and retained by the audience effortlessly. With videos, it is possible to communicate 1.8 million words in a minute-long video and that is around 3,600 pages of text.



2. They are effective storytellers


Video is considered the most efficient medium for message delivery because they keep the audience engaged and captivated for a longer period of time when compared to the written forms.

The current statistics reveal that 80% of the people remember watching an ad in the past month with half of them performing the follow-up action for the same ad.



3. They offer an immersive experience


Videos provide a persuasive experience to the audience with seamlessly blending visuals, sounds and impeccable graphics. This is something that casino casino games have understood for decades in respect to the entertainment business. Videos reshape the way we interact with the world. In addition, video can be accessed by the users and game players on multiple platforms including smartphones, tablets, iPhone and iPad, anywhere, anytime, with just a click of a button.


4. Easy engagement


Videos are indeed a great way to engage lazy buyers. Today, nobody has the time to read long descriptions of the products or dig deeper into the services offered by a particular company. This is where video comes into play. Videos are one of the major driving forces when it comes to content marketing. It captures the attention of the audience at all levels.



Quick steps to help you optimize your video effectively


Below, we’ll cover eight effective ways that can help you in optimizing your video effectively.


  • Select an appropriate video hosting platform suiting your niche


  • Insert a video transcript


  • Ensure that your thumbnail image is well-crafted and impressive


  • Focus on making the title and description of your video captivating


  • Make sure that the content drafted stands relevant to the video and optimized for SEO


  • Make your video the prime focus


  • Do not embed the same video in multiple places


  • Share your video on multiple platforms thus encouraging social shareability



The reach and significance of videos today


Video is no doubt the most preferred medium for communicating to any audience today. Given the monotonous routine that dominates our lives, videos make consuming information instant and impactful.


According to the research made by Hubspot, 62% of people thoroughly consume videos, and 53% of people expect more video content from numerous platforms.

Also, internet video traffic is expected to grow four times and it is predicted that it would constitute 81% of all consumer traffic by 2021.


Hence, the need for SEO optimized content stands very crucial as a majority of people choose videos when compared to written communication mediums. Enhancing your video with apt content, graphics and sound is of utmost importance. Remember that failing in these aspects would definitely not help you in maximizing traffic. Video content is sure to gain momentum given its demand and reach today.

So, make sure you make your video super-captivating with SEO-rich content.


Final thoughts


With the advancement in technology, video marketing has become the need of the hour. Do bear in mind that excelling in video advertising is not an overnight study, it requires an in-depth understanding of human psychology, thorough research and introspection on various aspects connected to the human psyche.


Creating amazing videos to reach your audience and build a strong brand image may not be the easiest thing in the world, but it is something that every business owner can do. So, yes, video marketing is definitely a skill, but once learned makes you a true king over the internet!

So, good luck!