8 Practical Ways to Use AI to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

This post will show you 8 key areas to use AI to enhance your marketing strategy by improving the customer experience and better understanding the customer journey.

Use AI to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Photo by Hitesh Choudhary on Unsplash


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed how businesses operate in several ways. Not only does it help companies to work better, but it also creates value by giving one more free time to focus on more innovative solutions. 


AI has also made a significant impact in the digital marketing industry. More and more companies are now using artificial intelligence to enhance their current marketing strategies, allowing for more personalized and specific customer interactions. 


AI technology also makes more informed predictions on customer behavior, allowing you to create highly targeted ads and create highly personalized messaging. 


Here are the best ways in which AI can enhance your marketing strategy. Let’s get started: 


1. Get the most out of your data

Using data lets you know what your target market cares about and how you can use this to your advantage to bridge the gap between your services and their needs. 

But with a large amount of generated data, that couldn’t be implemented by humans alone. That’s where artificial intelligence comes in. By feeding data into AI, you can find trends and other significant occurrences that come with optimal responses and strategies. 


When it comes to multi-channel marketing, this leads to better insights on your social posts, allowing you to get a better pulse of the state of your existing market. 


2. Improve digital advertising and shopping experience


A positive user experience keeps visitors staying on your site longer, making it easy for them to convert in the long run. However, many marketers are shifting their focus to boosting sales and conversions and spending less time enhancing user experience. 

Artificial intelligence analyzes relevant user data, including customer behavior, letting you identify and predict these requirements in detail. It enables you to optimize your site and user experience to the specific needs of the person, thus, enhancing the overall customer experience. 


Aside from enhancing site experience, using AI across social media platforms allows you to deliver relevant information and an excellent impression to your customers. 

When you analyze appropriate customer data, you can send personalized ads on numerous digital marketing platforms with which your target customers interact. Moreover, you also know what the most effective marketing methods to use are. You can even forecast future trends with AI. 


3. Optimize content strategy


One of the most common uses of AI is knowing the content trends and using these insights to develop a good marketing and content strategy. 


AI allows you to find patterns by processing a lot of data and finding which type of content works well with a particular audience. 

From choosing which images to use on social media to create a guide on writing product listings, AI helps you with all aspects of content marketing


AI also lets you personalize your content strategy by tailoring your messaging for every customer segment or individual customer. 


4. Prediction of churn and excellent customer engagement

Machine learning algorithms let you find disengaged customer segments about to churn or leave for a competitor. 


These AI-powered tools in this category lets you gather data, create a predictive model, and test and validate that model on real customers. This information will indicate which stage of churning the user is in. 

Although quick-churn customers (those that abandon a product after they start using it) can be challenging to re-engage, late-churn customers (those that have developed lasting relationships with your brand) can be incentivized to keep using your product. 


5. Build a better marketing funnel


Do you know that AI can analyze user behavior effectively on your site and then learn the average buyer’s journey with significant accuracy? 

There’s also more. You can look for strategic customer touchpoints in buyers’ decision-making process. These touchpoints let you target every prospective buyer and convert them into paying customers. 


Many AI-based tools in the market allow you to understand your customer journey and help you create effective marketing funnels


6. Craft a personalized customer experience


Brands can utilize AI to enhance customer experience by providing personalized content and excellent support for their customers. 

Think about the last time that you went to an online store. You can see a page with products you enjoy and other selections of what you’re going to purchase. 


AI can analyze the products you’ve bought in the past and then recommends the product that fits your needs. This is how AI can enhance the overall customer experience via personalization.


7. Get ahead of the competition


It’s also vital for businesses to be aware of how their competition is doing. However, this can be a manual, time-consuming process. 


Using AI, you can easily track other businesses’ digital activity across sites, social media, video content, and much more. It also helps you increase traffic and brand exposure.


For instance, you may use a market analysis tool to collect data from your competitors, which are distilled into digestible reports. Using these insights allows businesses to keep track of the recent industry changes and respond, if necessary, to rise above the competition. 

8. Offer Better Customer Service


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of AI? For many people, it’s some form of AI-based chatbots—almost every kind of business these days uses chatbots to create faster, more reliable customer service. 


AI chatbots can handle several customer queries simultaneously, working around the clock. This ensures that customers get instant answers to whatever their questions are. 

Aside from that, AI chatbots also gather user data, give customer insights, and offer product recommendations, generating more leads for your business. 


Enhance Your Marketing Strategy With AI


There are numerous benefits of AI to enhance your marketing strategy. If you haven’t leveraged AI for marketing yet, then it’s high time you do so. Use these tips as a starting point, and then take it from there. 


There’s no doubt that AI has a lot of applications in marketing, and it can considerably enhance your marketing strategy. Don’t allow yourself to get left behind. Implement AI in your marketing strategies now so that you’ll be able to keep up.