6 of The Best AI Tools to Boost eCommerce Sales Now

If you’re managing an online store, you should be using these 6 AI tools to boost eCommerce sales, find out what they are here.

AI Tools to Boost eCommerce Sales

Image Source: LivePerson

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is becoming more and more commonplace in our lives. Many people are familiar with AI through devices like Amazon’s Echo or the Apple iPhone’s Siri.

However, many people don’t realize how businesses can use AI tools to boost eCommerce sales and improve their customer experience. In that spirit, I’ve listed six different AI tools that online stores can use to take their businesses to new heights.

How can we use Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce?

AI has found its way into every facet of our lives. From virtual assistants to airport security systems, artificial intelligence is enhancing – or even replacing – many of society’s core functions.

With that in mind, it’s only inevitable that AI makes its way into your online store. As new AI startups rush to revolutionize the business world, firms have no shortage of choices in new software. AI can skyrocket email campaign success, talk to customers, suggest products to them, and more.

With so many options, the real task is identifying which platforms are actually worthwhile. In that pursuit, I’ve scoured the web for the most revolutionary AI tools to boost eCommerce sales yielding the highest returns for store owners.

Below, you’ll find my top choices out of all my research. So without further ado, sit down, strap in, and prepare for the future.

What Are the Best AI Tools to Boost Ecommerce Sales?

I sifted through the web, searching for the AI tools delivering the best results for store owners worldwide.

Here are the top choices I came up with:


  1. LivePerson
  2. Seventh Sense
  3. Phrasee
  4. Granify
  5. Klevu
  6. Neurala

Each of these tools provides a different way to help you boost your sales and improve your customer’s experience. I’ll elaborate on each one below:

1. LivePerson

LivePerson is an excellent AI tool for eCommerce businesses because it allows you to provide live chat support to your customers. Live chat can be extremely helpful in boosting sales because it allows you to answer any questions that your customers may have in real-time.

You can create closer connections with your customers through LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud.

Their Conversational Cloud is fueled by powerful intent data. It powers nearly 1 billion conversational interactions each month, making its AI more accurate than any competitor.

convesational ai



The pricing of this AI tool depends on the plan you choose. To get an estimate, schedule a demo with LivePerson from their home page.

2. Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is another great AI tool business owners can use to skyrocket email marketing success.

Your email marketing will be more successful when using Seventh Sense’s artificial intelligence to optimize and personalize email delivery times. Seventh Sense can analyze customer intent and provide suggestions based on their past behavior. 

Their email delivery optimization system is designed specifically for integration with HubSpot and Marketo. That said, Seventh Sense offers different prices depending on which platform you choose.

Hubspot Pricing

For Hubspot, 5,000 marketing contacts will cost you $80/month. If you need more contacts than that, Seventh Sense is happy to create a custom plan for your business.

You can calculate your situation easily using their subscription calculator.

subscription calculator

Marketo Pricing

For Marketo, 50,000 marketing contacts will cost you $450/month. If that’s not enough, Seventh Sense offers enterprise plans for bigger businesses starting at 300k leads per month.


If you’re curious about how pricing might look for your business, you can use their subscription calculator here as well.

3. Granify

Granify is an AI tool that provides real-time product recommendations to customers. This tool analyzes a customer’s behavior and offers personalized recommendations based on their past behavior.

Optimized over millions of sessions, The Granify Brain can identify and target shoppers based on what matters most to them. Using this knowledge, it can display an offer at the perfect moment in any scenario.

Granify states that they generate over $30,000,000 per month in incremental revenue for their partners. Granify can be a big game-changer if you want to make more money online.


You can ask about the pricing by contacting them on their website. For now, the exact estimate of the fee they charge is undisclosed.

4. Klevu

Klevu is an eCommerce search solution delivering search results based on shopper behavior. It’s often compared to Granify due to its ability to respond to shopper intent intelligently.

With the power of machine learning and natural language processing, it delivers the most relevant results to the shopper. It is proven to increase the average order value per session.


You can schedule a free demo with the Klevu team to discuss the prices. For now, the exact estimate of the fee they charge is undisclosed.

5. Phrasee

Phrasee is an AI tool that helps businesses optimize their email marketing campaigns.

Phrasee optimizes email open rates, click-throughs, and conversions with artificial intelligence. Its ability to reduce abandoned carts has the most direct impact on online stores.


Phrasee hides its pricing on its website. You’ll need to book a call with their sales team to receive an estimate.

6. Neurala

Neurala helps manufacturers to improve their visual inspection process. Supply chain issues, labor shortages, and the risk of recalls are driving the need for more automation; that’s where they come in.

Their visual inspection automation (VIA) software goes beyond the capabilities of traditional machine vision in detecting anomalies and defects, even when products have subtle variations.

Using their proven vision of AI technology, manufacturers can scale production, reduce waste and adapt to workforce changes while achieving even higher levels of quality control.


Like Phrasee, Neurala hides its pricing from website visitors. To receive an estimate, you’ll need to contact their sales team.


AI is bringing change to the ecommerce industry. Rather than being just a gimmick implemented for its “cool factor,” AI can significantly change how your business operates.

If you are looking for ways to boost your sales, consider trying one of the AI tools discussed above. These AI tools to boost eCommerce sales can help you personalize the shopping experience for your customers, recommend products they may be interested in, and even upsell additional products to them.

In addition, AI tools can help you optimize your website for better search engine ranking and improve your email marketing campaigns. All-in-all, a business leveraging AI has a serious edge over the competition.