Affordable Business Marketing Strategies by Guru EJ Dalius

Marketing Guru EJ Dalius Presents Some Affordable Marketing Strategies for your Business When Getting Started

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For many entrepreneurs, marketing is certainly not their forte. They keep shifting from one strategy to another and they often are clueless if their efforts would ever pay off. As per EJ Dalius at Pixel Productions Inc, it could be a major challenge for entrepreneurs to launch a business. However, the greater challenge lies in helping the business to grow and be sustainable.

Here are some affordable marketing strategies for boosting your marketing and assisting you in reaching those goals. 

Low-Cost Marketing Strategies Highlighted by Eric Dalius

Conducting a Survey Really Helps

It is of pivotal importance to come up with an effective marketing plan before discussing the various marketing tactics. The first step towards chalking out an effective marketing plan would be to identify and understand precisely who your target audience is what are they are looking for from your organization.

The best way to gain better knowledge of your clients is by conducting a survey relating to your services and products. You don’t always need to hire an expensive website marketing agency to do this, you may consider doing it on your own by coming up with a short but relevant questionnaire and requesting present and potential customers to participate. 

Keep Pampering Your Existing Clients

Eric J Dalius believes that it is easier to get a conversion while dealing with an already existing customer as compared to a new one. Hence, you must never ignore or neglect your loyal customers who are there for you and they trust and know you well.

Keep pampering your loyal customers. You might offer some of your best customers a gift in return for some honest opinions about your shortcomings and how you could improve your services. Offering a great rewards program can be very helpful in this. Moreover, you could consider inviting them for sneak previewing your new products or services.

Online Marketing Is the Way to Go

Writing often feels abstract. But our customers come to our website with concrete problems.

If they don’t find a faster way to get what they’re looking for, your site is no good to them. Before We try to hit our goals, we need to help the customer solve their problems. Everybody agrees with this. But often content marketing attempts to solve the company’s problems (tell people about our product features so they fill out a lead form) before solving the query that brought the reader to the page.

Customer centered content is essential to your inbound marketing strategy.

Convert Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Your staff is part of your community and they boast of having numerous contacts. You could invite your staff and even their extended families for some fun event taking place at your business. Your employees would be satisfied and happy. They would be back in the office on Monday feeling invigorated.


Consider the above-discussed highly affordable marketing strategies so that you could boost your business. Try giving back to your customers. You may participate in a charity drive or sponsor an ice hockey team. This way you would be doing your bit for the community and in the process generating a lot of goodwill with all your customers. All these techniques would prove to be far cheaper and effective.