6 Services You Should Outsource to Improve Your Business

Don’t be that ‘Jack-Ass of All Trades, Master of None’, if you want to improve your business there are services you should outsource.

6 Services You Should Outsource

Photo by Mikael Kristenson on Unsplash


There are a plethora of advantages that your business will benefit from when you start to outsource specific services to professional, established, and experienced external companies.

Outsourcing is becoming an ever more popular choice for business managers and business owners alike, in order for them to utilize their time and money best and concentrate their efforts and business know-how on more important and, crucially, more profitable avenues within their company, 

Here are the top six services you should start to outsource to increase your business’s efficiency and overall profitability. 

1. Outsource Your Call Answering Services

Virtual receptionists are fast becoming the most effective and popular service provided by outsourced, external companies and provide a plethora of advantages to businesses regardless of industry or size.

Outsourcing your call answering services drastically improves the likelihood of retaining repeat customers and the enticement of potential new customers. A professional company like Virtual Headquarters will connect your business in a way in-house call answering services cannot possibly hope to do.  

The main benefit of outsourcing your call answering services, however, is that your level of customer satisfaction will significantly increase, a factor that is vital to the longevity of any company. Your business will now be ‘open’ twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and existing and potential customers alike will be able to contact the company with any inquiries or issues they may have, no matter what the time of day. As every good business manager knows, customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of a successful and profitable business model, and it is vital you do everything you can to provide consistently excellent customer service across the board. 

2. Outsource Your Payroll 

Payroll services are one of the main departments within every business model, which will undoubtedly benefit most from outsourcing to a professional and established external company. There are a multitude of benefits to such a decision, one of the primary ones being you and your business will be significantly less accountable for any payroll issues and errors. This reduction in liability means you are far less likely to be fined because of improper payment systems and will make you far less susceptible to unexpected fines and taxes. Another significant benefit of outsourcing your payroll is the access to more advanced computer systems and technology and will benefit your employees by providing their paycheck faster and considerably more efficiently. Employees will be far more likely to remain at the company when their payments and paychecks are received in good time and free from errors. 

3. Outsource Your Social Media Online Marketing

In this modern world, technology is most definitely king, and furthermore, social media is fast becoming one of the most powerful and influential ways a business can grow, improve and expand. It is therefore vital that you ensure all of your social media platforms are as consistent and uniform as possible and that they all represent your brand, your company ethos as well as the products and services you provide.

There are an incredible number of reasons to outsource your social media marketing services, one of the more obvious benefits being the amount of time you will save, both you personally and the company as a whole.  The correct and proper management of social media platforms to ensure successful new custom requires an almost constant level of attention and work, and the nature of social media means that any customer inquiries need to be dealt with as soon as possible; social media users expect an almost instant reply to any query they have and outsourcing this management means you will enhance your level of customer satisfaction and general customer service. 

4. Outsource Your Healthcare Plans

The provision of adequate and all-encompassing healthcare is a staple of a successful business that maintains a strong connection with its employees. Outsourcing your healthcare services means that there will be a substantial increase in the range of specific services and conditions covered, which will result in a greater benefit of working for your business for your current and potential employees.

Data collection and up-to-date medical records are another huge advantage of outsourcing your company’s healthcare services, and the latest, innovative technology will ensure your company’s healthcare services are as efficient as possible. 

5. Outsource Your Recruitment

Recruitment is one of the areas within a business that constantly requires attention and financial adaptation, and outsourcing your hiring and recruitment drives will considerably increase the amount of time you, as a business manager, have to apply to other critical areas of the business. 

Outsourcing your recruitment services provide a multitude of cost-effective and time-saving advantages to you and your business as a whole. Professional, established, and experienced external recruitment services work from a large pool of personnel and will be able to source talented individuals that you, within your own company, are not. Another significant advantage is that you no longer need to concern yourself with ensuring your company complies fully with your local state laws and regulations regarding recruitment which will save you substantial time and money, not to mention negative publicity, in the long term. 

6. Outsource Your Email Management

One of the most effective and most utilized methods of communication both internally and externally for a business are emails, and the email services and management you provide are a critical area of your business that should be as user-friendly and efficient as possible. 

The management of your business emails from an external, specialized company also means your email marketing strategies are also taken care of in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Such activities take a significant amount of time, and whether you dedicate more than a few hours a week to this or attempt to design, code, and send marketing emails in between other tasks, you will profit substantially by outsourcing the entire job. Another crucial benefit of outsourcing your email management is that you will no longer be required to employ a full marketing team. 


Each business is a little different in the types of services that they can outsource. The 6 services you should outsource shown above are common to almost all business. Once you understand your specific needs and options such as aspects like communication, quality, and cost you will be able to hire the right type of outsourcing partners for you.