TikTok for Business in 5 Simple Steps to Get Leads

Can I use TikTok for business marketing? Absolutely! This post will walk you through 5 simple steps to promote your business effectively on TikTok.

TikTok for Business

Image Source: TikTok Business

Representatives of various businesses need to constantly look for new methods to advertise their services and products. Social media marketing is a great way. Developing social media marketing content allows you to attract more users, and you also attract more young people who constantly use Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.

What about TikTok for business?

The TikTok app has become one of the most legendary apps used by over 50 million internet users on a daily basis, according to TikTok stats. If you think that this is an application where people only grimace and perform funny challenges, then you are deeply mistaken. This application has become a real discovery for the creation and promotion of commercials.

In this article, we’ll share how TikTok videos can help you reach new audiences and how to use this app for creating video content marketing.  

The best platform for promotion

Many companies actively use Instagram to communicate with their customers. On this social network, you can upload stories, live broadcasts, and IGTV. This is a great way to engage your audience more.

However, creating short videos in TikTok is another useful tool. Every day, every active user of this social platform spends an average of about two and a half hours watching videos of their favorite celebrities, brands, and bloggers.

You can’t deny that there are many people among your target audience who watch short videos on TikTok every day. This is a good tool because your active users increase the chance that your videos will get more views than other social media platforms.

Create your company account

On TikTok, it doesn’t matter how popular your brand is. What matters is what content you create and what emotions your videos evoke. The biggest difference between TikTok videos and videos on other social networks is that sincerity comes to the fore here. No one here will appreciate the fake smiles on the faces of the actors who will advertise your product or service.

Your best bet is to focus on creating great content with your team. In the app, you can see which trends are currently relevant and see the most viral videos. The beauty is that you don’t have to create something new and unique. You can simply follow trends and popular challenges.

Here you can talk about your work processes and reveal the mystery of what is happening in your office. People are always interested in learning something that no one has ever shown as if it is a military secret. Introduce users to your team, share your rituals, and you will have your TikTok followers.

Also, you do not need to buy expensive equipment for shooting. All you need is a smartphone and your imagination. You can shoot a lot of videos and later combine them in a video editor online, and you’ll get a cool video.

After you add funny effects and music, you can publish your video. Do not forget to add hashtags by which you can be found in the search. You can also share this video on other social networks so that your subscribers know that now they can also follow you on TikTok.

Take advantage of user-generated content

User-generated content is a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness with the help of users. You don’t need to create content as your followers will do it for you. You can encourage your followers to post reviews, comments, unusual discoveries about your product, purchase videos, and more. In turn, you will post this content to your official company account.

You can start your own trend where you can ask people to share their experience with your brand, share life hacks and tips, showcase new products, and much more. Using user-generated content, you get free advertising for your company and products.

How to buy ads

TikTok is already closely engaged in the implementation of promotional offers in the feed of its users’ recommendations. Many companies looking to increase brand awareness or showcase new services or products buy ads to ensure they get new customers.

You have several ad options:

  • The first option is to have your ad appear when launching the app before the user can start viewing their recommendation feed. Within a few seconds, users won’t be able to swipe up to start watching other videos, and their attention will be riveted on the ad offer. Such an ad will be shown to a specific category of people per day.
  • The next option is to have your promotional video appear in between videos in the recommendation feed. These videos, which you can edit with the social media tools, are short and can be up to 15 seconds and no more. The only downside to this ad is that users can swipe it.
  • Another option is to promote your video among new videos with hashtags. You can view which videos are trending at the moment, create a video where you will fulfill the conditions of this trend, and pay the platform so that your video is shown in the first place when users click on this hashtag.

Cooperate with influencers

A great way to increase your audience reach is to collaborate with bloggers who have thousands and millions of followers on TikTok. Different bloggers have different audiences and, first of all, you need to find a suitable person who will look organic for your brand’s ads. If a blogger’s content is focused on cars, then it will look silly to start advertising household goods.

You need to understand that the more subscribers a blogger has, the more money you will need to spend on advertising your company. However, this is a good marketing investment.

By cooperating with bloggers, they will be able to present your product or service, mention your company in the description and give a link to your website or TikTok account.


TikTok may not be for every business, but any business with the right approach can certainly use TikTok for business marketing. Just remember, you’re not creating commercials, you’re creating a shareable experience. Just be sincere and follow the trends and hashtags that are most popular.