5 Reasons Why You Should Upload Your Store Products to Google

There are no reasons for you to NOT upload your store products to Google, so why have you been putting it off?

5 Reasons Why You Should Upload Your Store Products to Google

Since May 2012, Google launched its very own Google Merchant Center, creating a revolution for online store owners. Today, if you’re selling online, if you wish to boost your store performance, you should upload your online store products to Google for better results.

Google makes sure that your products are viewed to the right audience based on relevancy, despite your store’s popularity.

For the last few years, Google has continuously updated and changed its strategies to alter the paid marketing landscape on their favor. This turned Google Shopping from once a smart optional marketing tactic to a must-have marketing tactic for all eCommerce stores.

According to a report from 99firms,

Google AdWords reaches 80% of the internet users, which includes most of your target prospects, and wins 65% of the clicks for queries with high commercial intent.

As a result, we suggest that you also take advantage of Google Shopping to boost your conversion rate.

If you’re not convince that you should be using Google Merchant Center, we have gathered 5 valuable reasons why you should upload your store products to Google Today.

5 Valuable Reasons To Upload Your Store Products To Google  

Here you will learn about how you can benefit from uploading your store products to Google and amazing tools from Google to help you achieve the best result in the most efficient way possible.

1. Greater Reach On Qualified Traffic

As an eCommerce store owner, you want your products to reach out to more people that have strong intent to buy.

Google algorithms ensure that you will generate more relevant traffic for greater output.

Broader Reach    

Since Google is the most popular search engine in the world, it helps you reach relevant traffic on a regular basis.

Google Shopping campaigns allow your products to appear on the top of the search page when people search for a relevant term.

Suppose a prospect searched for “Black Tie For Men.” He will get a section with product previews on top of the page that is most relevant. If you are selling black ties, then your product might show up on that section along with a few other options.

google search

In case you do not have such products, but you sell something related to it, for example, if you sell a tie pin, then your product might appear as a related product.

Since Google tracks people’s regular interest and searches, it is easier for the Google algorithm to present the most relevant products to the right prospect.

google shopping

Plus, since millions of people use Google every second, your products will be displayed to more and more potential buyers in no time.

Qualified Traffic    

As I mentioned earlier, Google tracks people’s activities. Google’s algorithm uses this data to display your products to the most qualified individuals possible.

With an impressive click-through rate, Google will drive more and more qualified traffic to your site.

The product previews will show the product image, name, price, ratings and a small description. If you manage to provide quality images with the right names of the products, chances are people will click on your products more.

By now, everyone is aware of these Shopping Ads and do not consider them as usual banner Ads. People trust these Ads since Google maintains relevancy and most people have been satisfied with the results.


You need to ensure that you follow the rules set by Google. Google requires you to provide product details according to a certain format. Google also requires you to map your store product categories according to Google on category list before uploading the products. You can use this guide to create product feed properly.

2. You Don’t Have To Be A Popular Store

No matter how popular your store is, Google will put you into a fair competition.

Fair Advertisement    

One thing that made Google Shopping Ads so successful and popular is its equality towards everyone.

Google provides a fair playing field for both the small stores and the giants.

In the traditional market, big brands acquire most customers because they flood everywhere with advertisement and most people don’t even come to know of your store.

Through Google Shopping, products will be displayed based on keyword optimization, and the information you provided about the product.

Prospects will search with their keywords online, and if your products are relevant, they will show up.

Google PPC    

You may take advantage of the Google Pay Per Click campaigns. It is a way of promoting your products through paid Ads. You may use PPC when you have some special offer running on your online store.

The Ads you set up under PPC will show up on the first page of Google search on relevant search results within an hour of setting the campaign.

The idea is, every time a person clicks on it, you pay Google. The advantage here is that people who will be clicking on these Ads are qualified individuals who need your products.

You may set up unique bundles and run PPC campaigns for such bundles to get more potential buyers.

Google PPC is mostly used by online stores who are brands and sell their own products online. However, ordinary online stores can also benefit from it through special discount campaigns or special bundle offer campaigns.

You can learn more about PPC here.

3. Stay Ahead of Competitors Using Granular Reports

One advantage Google can give you is an accurate data report about your product’s traction and response from prospects.

Google Analytics provides you with a granular data report which gives you a complete insight on your products and campaign performances.

You will get reports on click-through rates, frequency of visits, number of relevant search appearances, cost per clicks, competition with other similar products and conversion rate reports along with charts and tables to understand the report better.

This will help you understand which products to focus on or improve on for better results.

Simply integrate your site with Google Analytics. Then you can extract reports for all traffic. You may separate the report to see performance only through Google Shopping Ads. That way you can analyse and plan on improvements in your product details and you can identify your most popular products (or underperforming products).

You can learn more about getting Granular data using Google Analytics here.

4. Integration With Google My Business, Adwords & Analytics

5 Reasons Why You Should Upload Your Store Products to Google

Google has made some tools to help you out with your business and let you integrate with them.

Google My Business    

Google My Business lets you create a business profile on Google. This will put your business location (in case you have a physical store) on the Google Map and people will be able to get directions to your business easily. The Google My Business app allows you to easily point out your physical store location on the map.

Integrating your Google Merchant Center with Google My Business will let people know that your business promotes those products, thus conducting brand promotion.

Google Adwords    

Google Adwords is very popular among store owners who run special promotions from time to time.

It will let you create Ads with texts and images for your products to reach a specific audience based on any keyword you decide.

Google will randomly present your Ads to relevant audiences from time to time on the first page. This will help you get more traction easily.

Google Analytics  

As I mentioned earlier, integrating Google Analytics to your website will help you get detailed reports on your site’s traffic and performance.

The reports will help you understand your lacking and create plans to improve your site’s conversion rate.

Learn more about Google Analytics in details from this guide.

These tools are very helpful and a big reason for you to upload your products on Google Shopping.

5. Local Ads & Google Remarketing For Your Products

A Google Merchant account gives you the upper hand on advertising not just internationally, but also locally.

Local Ads    

If your online store operates in a certain locale, Google has the right tool for you to improve your conversion rate.

The Local Search Ads allows you to appear on the search results of nearby prospects.

What is the benefit?

You can create product feed with products that you sell locally only; the products that you can deliver only to locals. When you upload these products to Google, they will be viewed only to the people that are within your delivery range.

Suppose a person near you searched for “cellphone charger.” If you sell one and are among the nearby stores with less delivery time, then Google will show your products on the search results.

Google Remarketing    

Google Remarketing allows you to target prospects for marketing, who have visited your site but did not make a purchase. Since Google tracks visitor activities, the re-marketing campaign makes it each to reach out to them with Ads again, as long as you upload your store products to Google Merchant Center.

For example, a person found your site on Google Search and entered your site but left without a purchase. If you have Google Remarketing set up, then this person will see your product Ads later on.

Ads of your products will be viewed to him/her when the prospect will visit the Google Search page or any website that allows Google Ads.

You can even integrate Google Remarketing to Facebook so that the prospect will see your products’ banner Ads also on Facebook on behalf of Google.

The general thought is that the prospect definitely had some intent to buy, or else he/she wouldn’t visit your site. A remarketing campaign can be used to view your products to them again so that they might end up deciding to buy it.

According to statistics Creadits, Remarketing campaigns can increase conversion rates by 161%.

You can learn more about Google Remarketing here.



As you can see, there are tons of advantages when uploading your store products to Google. You can benefit from all the features and marketing advantages that Google offers.

Hence, go ahead and start promoting your online store products to Google and get the results you deserve.