The Reason Why Everyone is Obsessing Over Instagram Marketing

There are plenty of social media channels you could hitch your wagon to, so why should your business use Instagram marketing to build your brand and channel sales? Find out!

The Reason Why Everyone is Obsessing Over Instagram Marketing

Instagram is an increasingly popular tool for marketing and is quickly becoming the go-to medium for many brands, irrespective of their size, to expand their consumer outreach.

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Social media has become an integral part of our lives and with that savvy brands are making themselves visible to us every few seconds right in our news feeds. In the milieu of other social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat and LinkedIn; Instagram is a clear winner for brands with the ability to craft strong visuals that engage. With strong visuals and great content combined, brands can create a psychological trigger for the consumers to consider their presence.

You’ll see many brands hitching on to Instagram Influencers in order to exploit their social media popularity; which in turn creates a positive image for their brand. The brands commercially collaborate with the individual who subsequently posts pictures of their products with short marketing content to give it good visibility.

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However, it requires an understanding of social media landscape well for a successful outcome. Many digital marketing platforms assist brands to strategize their social media content. It is a lot less likely for a brand to become obsolete if it has a good social media presence. But, it doesn’t happen overnight and extensive brainstorming goes into it to bear fruit.

We’re now going to dive into how savvy businesses are using Instagram marketing to generate massive returns:

Instagram is easy to target Mobile users:

People have less time nowadays to spend on computers. During their commute to work, they mostly glimpse through the morning news wrap or social media in smartphones or tablets. In short, the whole world shrank into those hand-held devices so the brand felt the necessity to customize their marketing rulebook accordingly.

Studies indicate that people with internet connection in their mobiles spend 85% of their time on social media.

For brands, this number represents a very large portion of where their target audience is spending time and consequently using social platforms to boost their brand awareness is a no brainer. Besides, Instagram is a mobile-based media platform which also boosts its acceptance among the brands. There are multiplying numbers of brands that prefer Instagram over other social media platforms to engage customers.

Instagram upholds the ‘Image first’ agenda:

The user needs to go creative with the visuals on Instagram. The image always comes first on Instagram as they speak louder than words. People sneak into Instagram for relieving their stress by catching glimpses of aesthetically enriched images. Hence, the brands seek to collaborate with Instagram users whose pictures speak volumes and have a sizeable amount of followers on that account. The brands also hire creative designers for rightful marketing posts that spark interest in potential customers. Recent studies indicate that people are highly responsive towards images and they prefer to interpret visual information over stodgy marketing content. Influencer marketing hence took off in recent years helping them gain riches.

Instagram is the perfect mode to engage with your community:

According to a senior SMO services expert at Tangensys every brand has a target audience and to reach them, it needs a platform which plays the intermediary between them. Instagram has risen above all other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter in terms of popularity and boasts of a higher brand engagement rate. It clearly shows that the audience in Instagram is more encouraging towards branded content compared to they are on the other platforms.

The best method to start audience engagement is to follow the people who are talking about your brand and comment on their relevant posts. Not only will this get more people to notice you, but you will also successfully multiply your customer base too. You can also go creative with your hashtags and ask people to indulge in a conversation there. Remember, you can’t limit your role to only posting pictures and videos there; you will have to personally connect with your followers and reply to their comments. Bots are also available to there that you can use in your post to increase likes and comments. It is a ground rule to increase your organic engagement which eventually turns into real sales and loyal customers.

Instagram can bring you useful feedbacks and insights:

When you have started a hash tag, you must closely monitor the conversations brewing there. A smart marketer always keeps tracks on the mentions of his brand in social media to know how impactful it is on the buyers. Instagram, as a matter of fact, can give you a panoramic view of the customers’ behavior. Whether or not your brand is present on Instagram, the customers are still talking about it or posting pictures of the products they buy from you. They are also recording videos to tell their followers how much they love your product and so on. So, there is much helpful feedback that you can collect from Instagram itself. As a marketer, you must heed every feedback, positive or negative, and take it in your stride to improve your brand awareness. It is very important to know what your customers think about your brand and Instagram is arguably the best platform for bulking upon knowledge.

Instagram promotes healthy competition:

Both you and your competitors are using Instagram as a marketing platform. So, you will need to keep a keen eye on their activity to know what they are up to. In Instagram, you will have the convenience to visit their profiles and keep tabs on their progress. You might also want to learn from the way they interact with their customers, the frequency of their posts, the promotional offers they are embarking upon, etc.  As a brand, you can discover some best practices in your industry with the help of Instagram. In short, Instagram is a potent medium to promote healthy competition between brands where they learn from each other and grow.

Managing your Instagram settings is very easy:

Instagram is very easy to handle social media platform which doesn’t require any prior training. Once you create your own marketing page, you will be able to handle that personally by learning a few basic rules. For example, if you are looking to review your account settings, you can simply click on the three stacked lines in the upper right-hand corner of your profile. A drop down will appear where you will require clicking on ‘settings’ which you will see at the bottom of the window. In the settings menu, you will be able to change your password, track the posts that you have liked, enable notifications, and do much more. Story settings are equally easy to handle on Instagram. In your story, you can share small and creative excerpts from your daily progress with your audience and ask them to engage.

Visual marketing is the flavor of the season. If you do not own your own Instagram marketing page yet, you are still behind the curve. One more compelling reason why you should consider Instagram marketing is that it boasts of 700 million active users.