4 Innovative Ideas to Get More Reviews on Your Website

Why do you even need to get more reviews on your website? Keep reading to find out and get some great tips on ways to get more reviews to your site.

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So, why exactly do you need to get more reviews to your site?

The corporate market is an unforgiving place

Each new year brings hundreds of thousands of new start up businesses eager to carve out a niche. However, it has been seen that a majority of these businesses – as much as 90 percent of the total – die out before they have seen the sun of their 121st day. Though there are a lot of reasons that factor in to this, a major one includes the fierce competition in the business world.

With so many businesses entering the market, not to mention the ones that have been there for a while, the market has reached a saturation point. This means that there are more sellers in this environment than people to buy from these sellers. For a business to stand out in this crowd and be successful, it is imperative that the owner pays extra attention to his marketing techniques — any edge counts. This is exactly where getting more reviews to your site comes into play.

A collection of good reviews on your website is a great way to promote your business

There are countless ways in which a business can make itself visible to its target audience.

You can advertise in newspapers, magazines, on the telly, put up billboards, and pass out brochures. You can do that, but online is where all the real action takes place today.

You’re going to need; SEO and PPC services, email marketing, social media marketing, a witty online persona are all, without a doubt, great to make yourself known. However, nothing convinces a potential customer that you are worth doing business with than a fellow customer’s testimonial.

Being able to get a recommendation from those who have already done business with you can make a huge difference on influencing those who haven’t.

Any potential customer is much more likely to believe what a random user says about your services more than what your company has to say about itselft. You can claim to be the very best in the business and tell your customers all about how much you value their satisfaction, but nothing works as well as a shining review from a happy customer towards you converting your leads into paying customers.

According to a survey done by Big Commerce, 63% of people claimed that they are likely to buy from a business that has more reviews on its products and services.

Even a small account of how your customer enjoyed their time with you goes a long way towards you generating new ones. These stats alone should be enough to get you motivated to get more reviews on your website.

Flooding your website with positive reviews is not an easy task

Not only are customer reviews an effective marketing tool, but they are also one of the most affordable ways to make your business visible.

However, getting these valuable reviews on your website is no easy task. To encourage your customers to take the time to write you a recommendation, you need to get creative.

Here are four innovative tools you can use to your advantage to get more people to leave reviews about you on your website.

1.   Invest in a credible Reputation Management Software

Reputation Management Software assists your marketing team in many aspects. Good quality Reputation Management Software can not only be used to advertise your business, but it also helps you in gauging what the customer does not like about you. It can be used to collect customer reviews via emails and other methods and is even able to compile all the positive and negative reviews about your brand through a range of online platforms. In short, Reputation Management Software serves to overall interpret and enhance the company’s reputation on the World Wide Web.

2.   Integrate reviews from multiple forums

When a consumer wants to know more about you, the most likely option is Googling your name. Although doing this will lead him to your website and the shining customer reviews on there, there might be several excellent reviews he might never find this way. These testimonials include the ones your customers have written in one of their Facebook posts, in a review page, or as a part of a bigger blog entry.

Ambassador reported that 71% of social media users had been found to likely to recommend a company with whom they have a positive experience.

However, a consumer who is going straight to your website will not benefit from any of these reviews unless you have taken appropriate measures to make them more visible. To ensure that your customer sees all the praise that has been showered upon you, you need to integrate your customer reviews from multiple forums and display them on a visible place on your website.

3.   Take advantage of your local social media influencers and bloggers

People today give online reviews from strangers as much thought as they do to personal recommendations by friends and families. But when these online testimonials are coming from someone prominent and important, their value increases even more.

Considering the benefits that a good customer review can afford you, it is not a bad idea to invest a little bit of money to generate this. Hence, another creative and out of the box idea to get more reviews onto your website is by requesting – or even paying – social media influencers to do so. Sending a small PR package to a personality with a huge fan following can marginally increase the number of loyal customers to you.

Some negative reviews are inevitable, buy you can learn some effective ways to protect your business from them here.

4.   Include check-in offers

Who does not love attractive check-in offers?

As a general race, humans love freebies and are more generous towards the people and companies who offer them. To encourage your customers to leave you a positive review, ask them to post a check in on the internet when they do business with you. An easy way to foster this behavior is to include discounts, offers, or a complimentary gift for those who do indulge in it.

For example, a famous café offers you a free cookie when you check in on Facebook. The large people that began to recommend them soon after they started this practice came as no surprise. When people take the time to put up a post about them being somewhere, most of them will go a step further and throw in a recommendation as well – especially if you are giving them an attractive reason to do so.


Customer reviews help you build up a positive image of your brand on the internet. They make you appear trustworthy and worthwhile while promoting a feeling of goodwill. Investing in the generation of more positive reviews certainly has many benefits including increasing sales and conversion rates by a significant margin.