3 More Ways Cloud-Based Solutions Can Improve Your Business

Cloud-based solutions are helping small businesses sell online, manage customer relationships and safeguard valuable data, find out how it can help your business.

growing your business with cloud based solutions


Experts have predicted that cloud computing is the future. Today, a lot of businesses and start-ups are running their entire operations in the cloud. We’ve seen cloud-based hosting services providing e-commerce sites with more power and resources. Cloud services are also helping websites deliver a better user experience.

It doesn’t stop there, either. Cloud-based solutions are becoming more common, granting access to some of the best tools – tools that used to be reserved for larger corporations – to small and home businesses through models such as SaaS (Solution as a Service). This opens up more ways cloud-based solutions can improve your business.

Sales in the Cloud

If you’re already running an online storefront, switching to cloud-based hosting is a move that’s worth considering. Cloud services are more affordable compared to conventional hosting services. They are also more reliable, mainly because your site is not hosted on a single machine. Clusters of physical servers are contributing resources to the cloud infrastructure.

We also have solutions such as SalesForce offering an integrated way of managing customer relationships. There is no need to rely on offline data at all because detailed information about the customers can be stored safely in the cloud.

Imagine going to a sales meeting and suddenly needing a custom quote based on the customer’s latest requests. Cloud platforms like SalesForce allows you to quickly consult the rest of the team and create a custom, pre-approved quote in a matter of seconds. The potentials of using cloud-based solutions to support sales are endless.

Cloud-Based HR

Another essential part of every business is human resource management. A business is only as good as the team members supporting it. For small and home businesses, however, maintaining an in-house HR department isn’t always an option. The costs of having an internal HR department and the challenges of finding qualified HR specialists are serious barriers to overcome.

A cloud-based HR solution, on the other hand, is offered as SaaS and allows even businesses with a limited budget to have corporate-grade HR instruments to use. We already have solution providers such as xcdhr.com offering their best tools and HR services completely in the cloud.

Entry barriers such as high initial investment can be eliminated completely. With the market being as competitive as it is today, having a highly capable HR support system in the cloud will give your business the extra edge it needs to succeed.

Cloud Storage in General

There is another way cloud-based solutions can help businesses be more competitive, and that is by offering affordable cloud storage services. The cost of storing a large amount of information in the cloud is incredibly affordable, allowing businesses to maintain years of operational data without straining their budget.

Cloud storage also offers multiple layers of security. Should your offline hard drives fail or a disaster strike, it is easy to recover essential files and customer information from the cloud. Thanks to affordable service packages, you can even set up multiple cloud accounts.