Searching for the right Graphic Design Company?

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creative design ideasPixel, Where Creative design ideas and sound strategy are key.

The strategy in graphic design is every bit as important as the creativity. When it comes to building your brand all supporting marketing assets whether print or online must deliver the right message. We’ve been helping business design, develop and launch successful brands for over 10 years. Pixel, your one graphic design service center where you can expect transparency in the design process and strategic planning to build your brand identity.

Brand identity solutions that help define you and your goals so that you can build your business the right way.

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What do creativity and full service mean to our design company?

There are plenty of “graphic design companies” out there, but to us, creativity in design and providing truly full service design solutions means that when we partner with businesses like yours to help build your brand — at the end of the day we can go home to our families and truly feel good about what’s been accomplished. What it means to you, our business partner, is that you can go home to your family knowing that you don’t have to scramble to source different providers, and different design companies to handle different aspects of your design and marketing needs.

We’re well aware of the fact that there are a ton of other design agencies out there. So, why would you choose Pixel? Well, because graphic design is only a part of what we do. We’re one design company that can truly handle all aspects of creating your marketing materials including print, multimedia and website design, but more importantly we research, plan and strategize. To speak plainly, business decision makers can get nice graphic design services just about anywhere, what they can’t get from just any old graphic design company or freelance designer are brand building business services. We define brand building services as all of the components that need to come together to make people see you as worth investing in. There’s more than just design ideas and principles involved in that my friend.

When it comes to design, we have a lot of talented competition — no doubt. However, there are only a few agencies that can truly claim to be full-service design and marketing companies. Pixel is legitimately one of the latter. We have been (and remain) an industry leader in all aspects of brand development, print design, display design, packaging design, web design and marketing. When you sign on with Pixel, you sign on with a business partner who can truly handle all of your business design, print and marketing needs. We do it all right here in one location – no outsourcing. Designing communication assets is what we do, everything from your company logo, business cards and letterhead to marketing materials, trade show displays and web development. It rains creativity here, but our creativity is built on a solid foundation of research, planning and strategy designed to deliver results. We believe business owners recognize the value of results much more than just flashy graphics. If that sounds like you, contact us for a free, no obligation quote today.

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What can you expect with our graphic design services?

Clear Project Scope

As with any of our design and development processes, from package design to web development, we start with a clearly presented project scope. Since every business, brand, package and website is unique, our policy is to provide custom quotes for every project. In our proposals we clearly lay out our design process, project goals and bench marks, break down in pricing for different elements, and how the finished design assets will be provided.

Our Design Process

No matter what type of design work you require, our design process begins with understanding your business, goals and budget. We don’t design for design’s sake here — we believe in concept oriented design with specific goals in mind. We are not a graphic design company who uses cookie cutter tactics — the whole purpose of what we do is to deliver a message, so we believe businesses appreciate a little thought going into the message they are putting out.

Design Assurance

How do I know that I’m going to love the web design you create for me? Our design process begins with understanding your likes and dislikes as well as researching and understanding your business niche. Our typical design process is to start with 2-3 initial directions. 99.9% of the time a client is either thrilled with one of the directions or likes multiple directions with minor modifications. The ultimate goal is to work with you to refine one concept that you absolutely love. If you happen to fall into the .1% who doesn’t fall in love with an initial design concept — it’s ok. We will re-evaluate the situation with you and come back with designs that you do love.

Our Recipe for Success

First we always start with a great plan and a good cup of coffee.

Then we add:

• 2 Parts research

• 1 Part Creative Juice

• 1 Part Design Implementation Mix hot ideas to taste and serve.

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Graphic Design for Print & Marketing

print designWe do it!

More importantly, we make sure that your printed materials make a positive impact on potential customers and clients. We design to impress, anything less isn’t worth printing.

• Business Cards
• Brochures
• Post Cards
• Trade Show Displays
• Sales Sheets
• Print Marketing
• Catalogs
• Retail Packaging

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Create A Cohesive Brand Identity for Your Business.

Design for print is just part of the bigger picture. We don’t focus on simply one aspect of design like your logo, we focus on building a complete and cohesive brand identity for your business. Learn what the difference between graphic design and building a brand identity is all about here.

It’s surprising how often we hear, “but can you do this, and oh, I didn’t know you did that.” If it’s printed we do it and if it involves marketing your business we do it. You can get an idea of the type of design solutions we offer by looking at the very short list below, but give us a call so that we can custom tailor a solution and marketing materials that perfectly suit your needs.

Logo Design
• Post Card Design
• Tradeshow Booth Design
• Stationary Design• Self Mailer Design• Pop-up Display Design
• Business Card Design• Sales Sheet Design• Banner Design
• Brochure Design• Poster Design• Retail package design
• Corporate Newsletters• Catalog Design • And Much More!

By now, you know that there are hundreds of design companies out there, so what makes us different? Well, we have an established history of helping build successful brands from start-ups needing retail packaging with strong brand impact to full scale brand renovation backed by expert inbound marketing. So, yes, you can come to us for just a business card design, but the real benefit of using Pixel as your design company is that we have the experts right here, in-house to help your business with all aspects of graphic design, print, advertising, photography, web development and marketing – the tools to build your business.

Hiring a design agency to create or improve your graphic and print materials

We have one goal here at Pixel and that is to build a strong and timeless brand image for your company. Pixel is a trusted brand development company who specializes in building brands for the retail environment. We’re trusted because we not only build brands — we build relationships. We’re good at what we do and we’re trusted by businesses large and small in an industry that isn’t forgiving of those who can’t provide results. Pixel is a full service design agency that takes the “full-service” seriously. We build brands from the ground up and start with research into who you are, then cover print design and web development, follow through with marketing solutions.

Who uses Pixel Productions?
In life, none of us are name droppers, but in business we understand that name recognition carries a lot of weight, so here’s a short list of some companies we’ve helped with brand building, packaging, and web development. . .

Colorbök, Berwick Offrey, Disney, DelRio Vineyards, The History Channel’s Pawn Stars, CustomInk, Harry & David, Florida State University, Cambium Learning, and Gryphon Games to name a few.

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