Why Are Reviews Essential When You Launch an App?

It is absolutely essential that you take reviews into consideration when launching your app. Let’s find out why. 

Reviews Essential When You Launch an App

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Like products, Apps need momentum

App development can take a long time and requires input from a large team, all working collaboratively. At the end of the process, developers will be eager to finally launch their app and publish it on one of the major digital marketplaces.

However, they might soon discover that their app is not doing as well as they’d hoped. There can be a number of reasons for this, but a major factor is that the app is unlikely to have any reviews. This is why so many developers choose to buy iOS reviews when launching their apps.

A note about buying reviews…

People aren’t stupid and it’s not too difficult to spot your average fake review. For example, if many reviews say one thing negative about your product or business, but then there’s a flurry of others that completely contradict it – readers are going to think something fishy is going on. Likewise, if you purchase fake reviews in bulk or from the same person, they often appear similar and repetitive. There are now services like FakeSpot.com that can help identify fake reviews, so is it really worth it?


All that to be said, reviews are an important part of your App launch.

Why Are Reviews Essential When You Launch an App?

Well, marketing studies show that 9 out of 10 customers view reviews before making a purchase.

  • 97% of people read reviews of local businesses.
  • 90% of buyers read online reviews to decide on a product’s purchase.
  • Almost half (49%) of users think the quantity of reviews matters. Back in 2016, that figure was 35%.
  • When searching for a local business, 60% of customers check Google My Business for reviews.
  • 78% of people trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend or a family member.
  • A study shows that online reviews influence 67.7% of purchasing decisions.
  • 92% of B2B customers are more likely to buy after reading a trusted review.
  • 85% of consumers believe online reviews older than three months are irrelevant.



Let’s take a closer look at why reviews are so essential to launch an app successfully. Read on to find out more.


Chart Rankings

Today’s app stores are home to millions of different apps, including games, photo editors, banking apps, and social media platforms. To organize these enormous collections, app stores used advanced algorithms to sort apps into lists and charts.

Apps that are in the top positions will get more traffic and, in turn, more downloads. On the other hand, apps that are down at the bottom will get very little traffic and will likely fade away into obscurity.

If an app has many good reviews, the algorithm will recognize this and place the app higher in the charts. If an app has negative reviews, this will drive it down the rankings.

User Behavior

Getting users to visit your app’s product page is one thing. Convincing them to download your app is quite another. Reviews can be the deciding factor in whether or not a user downloads an app. Research has revealed that reviews can see conversions skyrocket by an impressive 270%.

Conversely, if your app has lots of negative reviews, this will be immediately spotted by visitors to your product page and will discourage them from moving forward and downloading your app.

Home Page Features

While all apps are sorted in charts on the app stores, a select few will be chosen and featured on the home page of these marketplaces. This gives these apps an enormous amount of additional exposure and can propel an app on to new levels of success.

However, if you want your app to be in with a chance of making it to the home page, having many positive reviews is crucial. The app stores will not promote apps that users don’t like. Instead, they will only feature apps that have already proved popular among users on that platform.


Reviews can directly impact your sales, but they can also influence how your business is perceived. If your app has positive reviews, this will make your business appear trustworthy and reliable. However, if your app is receiving a lot of negative reviews, this will make your business appear illegitimate and untrustworthy.


How Do You Build Reviews for Your App?

We mentioned product reviews at the start of this article. The best comparison to Selling on an app store is selling a product on Amazon.

It takes a lot to get your customer’s attention, you need to have a winning strategy that offers value to your customers, increase conversion rate, and get ahead of the competition.


Customer reviews bear a lot of weight on the success of any product or App.

There are many factors that may go into how well your product is displayed on Amazon such as; price, description, and keywords, but aside from the price point, people are more influenced by product reviews than anything else.

Ultimately, if your product does not have any reviews on Amazon — it’s probably not going anywhere.

The same can be said for Apps. Reviews are the primary step to your App gaining traction, it’s important to understand how to go about building them.

This article explains 5 great ways to build high reviews for an Amazon product, and these principles apply to building reviews for an App as well;


It is absolutely essential that you take reviews into consideration when launching your new app. They can influence your app’s position in the charts, whether or not users will download your app, its chances of being featured on the store’s home page, and how users perceive your business.