SEO Audit Checklist – Infographic Download

We get a lot of requests each day for seo audits, so we’ve decided to provide the following infographic that is based on our very own seo audit checklist used in our quotes. This seo audit provides a clear checklist of the critical issues that you should be analyzing if you’ve experienced a dramatic drop in search traffic or if you plan on migrating your website or online store to a new platform.

If you have recently migrated or plan on migrating your ecommerce store to a new platform you may want to take a look at this article too: Big Ranking Drop After Moving Ecommerce Platforms”

Just below our seo audit checklist infographic you will find a free website audit tool to analyze your website so you can get a head start on checking off many of these items. We’re providing this checklist and tool, because we believe in transparency in reporting, but we’d be happy to assist if you need support, just click here for a quote.

SEO Checklist Infographic


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