Peter DeCaprio: 4 Ways to Use Social Media within the Workplace for Marketing and Communication Success

Using Social Media for workplace marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, Peter DeCaprio breaks it down into a 4 Step Process for success. 

4 Ways to Use Social Media within the Workplace

Social media is an excellent workplace platform for business marketing. It allows your business to connect as well as engage with potential customers.

But that can only happen when they have a good social media strategy in place. Many elements go into effectively using social media for workplace communication. If not done right, the results don’t match the expectations. When the results aren’t in your favor, it is easy to get discouraged and give up.

Not to worry! Peter DeCaprio, marketing guru, says it doesn’t have to be difficult if you make it part of your daily ritual. We asked him how he would break it down for our readers and he provide this simple 4 step guide.


1. Pick the Right Platform

The first thing you want to do is pick your best platform, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest. Then try using that platform as you would with other marketing avenues like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing). You can share articles on your company blog posts directly to the platform of choice (Facebook, Twitter etc.), increase followers by following others in your niche which will make them more likely to follow you back thus increasing your reach. Or if they are not following you yet because they don’t know who you are or what type of content you offer then tell them! Create an awesome post linking to some of your best work and encourage people to follow you by using a catchy call-to-action. A good example of this is “Follow Us on Twitter!”

2. Know Which Platform Your Audience is On

Using social media for marketing isn’t complicated or expensive; you just have to know where your target audience hangs out online. Once you have the right platform in place the next step is to create custom graphics for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus etc. This can be done with a free tool like Canva. If you want an even more customized look then purchase a premium design from a site like Fiverr says Peter DeCaprio.


3. Make it a Daily Practice

The third step in using social media within the workplace for marketing success is implementing it into day-to-day business operations. Start by adding company information into relevant profiles that are searchable. Also make sure you are utilizing your social media profiles on your company website, business cards, letter head etc. This goes back to consistency people will recognize your brand faster if it is the same across all platforms no matter how small or big!


4. Influencer Outreach

The last step in using social media within the workplace for marketing success is reaching out to influencers that share similar content with large followings. You can do this by sharing their posts or following them and then engaging in conversation over time until they recognize who you are (not a bad thing). If someone has 500,000 followers doesn’t mean 500,000 people see every post they like and comment on. They only see maybe 1-10% depending on how active their following is and the rest goes to the people they follow. If you are consistent and engaging with someone long enough then they can grow your reach exponentially by sharing your posts to their own following. Now, I’m not saying that if you give them a shout out on Twitter or share one of their posts that they will turn around and return the favor but it doesn’t hurt to try!

Of course there is always social media management software like Hootsuite, Sprout Social or Buffer (my favorite) which takes all the time out of managing multiple accounts daily. You can track everything in one place so you will never miss an engagement no matter how busy you get at work! This allows you to branch out into using platforms for business rather than just personal use. So in the end it is really up to you how much time and effort you want to put into social media within the workplace for marketing, but if done correctly it can be more effective than traditional marketing avenues.

Now that you know how to use social media within the workplace for marketing success get out there and get started!


Q: What about Twitter? I heard it is the number one social media platform for B2B interactions. 

A: Yes, this is where all of your customer service business accounts should be if possible to track and monitor! No matter what you are selling there are people out there looking for the solution to their problem or problem that they hope someone can solve (that’s why they follow you). By using Twitter correctly with branded hashtags, keywords, follower engagement etc. you will brand yourself as a trusted resource for advice on how to handle specific situations within your field of expertise.

Q: How do I get more followers? 

A: As mentioned before by engaging with others over time while sharing awesome posts related to your industry then some of those users will follow you. You still have to make an effort yourself or else no one will ever know who you are!

Q: Do I have to Facebook? 

A: No, but it is a great way to interact with your current customers and those that may be interested in what you have to offer! People love that personal connection so engaging on any social media platform goes a long way.

Conclusion by Peter DeCaprio:  

By using social media within the workplace for marketing success you can build on your brand and gain more clients or customers. The main thing is to never give up no matter how long it takes, stay consistent and engaged and eventually you will see results!