3 Proactive Ways to Use Blogger Outreach for Your B2B Marketing

Blogger outreach is a powerful marketing strategy, learn how to use blogger outreach for your business marketing.

Ways to Use Blogger Outreach

We’re living in the digital era, but a lot of modern day consumers want or prefer to hear about a product or brand through word of mouth instead of self-promotional ads blaring on their TV screens. If you think about it, what are you more likely to believe; sales information coming directly from the company or information from people not affiliated with the business talking about how good it is?


It’s the same principle that applies to customer reviews, people are more likely to take the word of a happy consumer than a business looking for sales. The same ideology applies to B2B marketing. You can look at bloggers as friends who talk about your products or services to consumers who don’t know about your brand yet.


If you think that blogger outreach is only intended for B2C companies, well, you better think again. It’s applicable for B2B marketing too! Here’s the thing, you can talk about how good or needed your product or service as much as you want but it’s a whole different story when influencers share the same sentiments


Why Blogger Outreach for B2B?

Why Blogger Outreach for B2B

It’s important to build a healthy relationship with bloggers in your industry as it could be the life net of your marketing strategy. You can engage with a blogger whenever you want, but make sure you have something to say when reaching out.

Just in case you’re not aware, bloggers receive tons of emails every day, so go ahead and give them a good impression.


Case in point: If you start off on the wrong footing, there’s a possibility that they will disregard your emails in the future. 


There’s a ton of benefits that lie in having a credible influencer or blogger in your target audience to endorse your product or service based on experience. This person can recommend your brand whenever and wherever because he or she has followers and they listen to him or her.

BlogHer reveals that 81% of online consumers trust the advice and information from blogs.


If you’re one of those marketers who want to improve their marketing efforts through blogger outreach, read the proactive strategies below and incorporate them in your future endeavors for the B2B sector.

Make an Ideal Customer Profile

Make an Ideal Customer Profile

The first step is to create an Ideal Customer Profile or ICP. It must contain five strict bullet points that you need to adhere to. It means that you can’t work any prospect without all of the five boxes of your ICP.


A feasible ICP might/must consist of the following:


  • Size of revenue
  • Quantity of employee
  • Employee structure of an organization
  • Type of products
  • A mutual goal 


After you create your ICP, the next step is to scout for people who will work for your ideal customer. Do not use questions that are surface-level like, “Are they in marketing?” Instead ask meaningful and in-depth questions about these professionals’ motivations instead. Then start looking for the right influencer.

Check Your Buyer Personas

Check Your Buyer Personas

To identify which blogs your target professionals are following, check in with your buyer personas. Put yourself in their shoes, imagine that you’re at their desk or in their bed with a laptop and picture yourself while reading a blog post. Then answer the following questions to narrow down the list of the perfect blogs that you can locate for a successful campaign.


  • What are the types of blogs they read on a daily basis to stay updated in their industry?
  • What are the problems they face in the industry and how can your product or service help?
  • What particular topic would spark their attention?

Prioritize Your Personas

Prioritize Your Personas

After checking your buyer personas, the next thing to do is prioritize your personas through ranking each customer on a scale of one to five on the following:


  • Budget size
  • Alignment with your solution
  • Level of influence inside an organization


After you compute the scores for the budget, alignment, and control, create a strategic plan for your outreach and start with the buyers that have the highest scores. This strategy will result in effective outreach that specifically targets the needs of consumers.


Your prospects will respond more frequently, and your brand messages will resonate more. You can say hello to more meetings, more calls, and more closed business and bid goodbye to the typical results at early-stage companies.

Bonus Section: How Blogger Outreach Can Help Amplify Your Goals


Broadcast a new product or service:

Bloggers are always hungry for new trends. They like to cover stories or events about new goods and services, so offer them an inside information or trial for the product or service of your brand before you release them to the public.



Networking through blogger outreach platforms is imperative for any B2B brand. Reach out to your ideal influencer and build a network through introducing yourself as someone who plays on the same field with them.


Product Mention:

Give solutions to the problems your target consumer faces in their workplace. Regardless if it’s a product or a service, encourage the blogger to take it for a trial test and ask them to give a review.


Brand Awareness:

If you’re aiming for brand awareness, there are many prolific blogger outreach tactics such as guest posting services that you can utilize. A guest post by someone at your company is a good starting point.


Promote Content:

Business blogs, white papers, and e-books are just some of the most successful avenues to generate leads. So, reach out to bloggers to help endorse your excellent contents and resources.


Lead Generation:

According to Johnny Media, B2B marketers who use blogs yield 66% more leads compared to those who don’t. It only means that employing influencers or bloggers to advertise your content is a good tactic for lead generation. But webinars are unbeatable in lead generation tactics for B2b. Reach out to an influential blogger and ask him or her to speak at a webinar that your brand is hosting. Create a landing page where the attendees can fill out their name and email address.


It’s always a good thing when someone vouches for your product or service. Consumers will be more willing to try out something when someone else did it before them and shares information about their experience. This fact is something that a marketer like you should always remember when you’re about to set out another marketing campaign.