Top 6 Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Email Inbox Rate

These are the same email marketing tactics I used to flood my inbox, find out how to increase your Email Inbox rate right now.

Increase Your Email Inbox Rate

In the field of eCommerce, Amazon is a tool one can’t afford to overlook. Amazon is THE leader in eCommerce sales, and as a entrepreneur who was seeking to increase my own sales — who better to study than the best?


Sure not everyone is going to study Amazon the same way I did or take digital marketing courses and a digital marketing test in order to better understand how exactly to drive sales. But I did, and I used that to my advantage in order to come up with these tips to increase my Email inbox rate.


If you don’t know by now… email marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell my products.

Crafting the perfect email for my audience will heighten the possibility of my potential consumers being actual customers. So, here are a few tips and tricks to increase your Email inbox open rate, to help my fellow online marketers.

Attention-grabbing subject line

In today’s modern era, one who is active online is expected to be swamped with emails. This is why email subject lines are important — creating one that’ll grab the receiver’s attention. Let’s put ourselves in our audience’s shoes. We’re swamped with emails and we finally decide to and respond to them — what are we most drawn to? Naturally, the subject line that would spark our interests, right?



  1. Draw out their curiosity and humour. Start with a short and peculiar fact or a question they would want to be answered. Also, make sure that you’re witty with the subject lines. In my experience, cliche’s don’t work anymore. For instance, if I’m selling shoes, “Open for cute shoe designs.” just don’t work.
  2. Lessen the use of question marks or exclamation points. Why? They simply make us look unprofessional — something we don’t want our customers to think. Would we open an email that says, “Hey????!!!!” Most probably not.
  3. People are drawn to things that make them feel comfortable. Make sure your subject lines make them feel connected to your brand. This will give them more reasons to open an email from us.


An email’s subject line is not something I’d want to underestimate — when done wrong this could cost our businesses a lot. I could give you more tips and tricks to craft the perfect subject line, however, these tips differ from business to business.

Use re-engagement emails.

I have had people on my email list that hasn’t opened my email in a couple of months. This brought down my overall open rate and it also influenced my clickthrough rate. Although I could have gone on a deleting spree, I found out another way — a better way.


Some people on our list might have signed up just to get our lead magnet and yes, they need to be weeded out. However, there are some people who probably just forget about our brand. These are the ones we want to bring back. Here are the best ways to bring them back:


  1. Update them. If our businesses have undergone changes, we can update them. For instance, if we have new deals, we can email them.
  2. Offer promotions. Incentives and promos are one of the best ways to bring them back. We can offer 10-20% discount to get them back.
  3. Personalize the re-engagement campaigns. Make this about them — make them feel that we care about them.


Find the best time for mails.

Something that we all usually forget is that our email list is made up of people from different places around the world. This is why we have to find the best time to send email campaigns. It would be unfortunate if your email was sent at two in the morning and most receivers would be deep in their slumber, right? That’s the reason why scheduling emails and making sure that they are received at the exact time we want them to be received is so essential. Make sure to create the sheet with the information of which is the country you are sending the emails to and which is the time zone in there. If you don’t have the necessary information, you can still choose the best day for the emails – you won’t send the bulk emails to dozens of people on Friday evening right?

Branding your email address

Ever wonder why our emails are mostly tagged as spam?

Or how about how our email campaigns are directed to our receivers junk mail?

The email address we’re using plays a major role in this.


Using a domain email address will show our readers that we mean business. There are a lot of businesses that can offer us our domain email for a rate that’s not going to hurt our pockets.


Be consistent.

There will be people who will expect our email campaigns — so follow through our schedule. Don’t just send one email per month, remember that this is a way to engage with your consumers. Most of these people will eat up the freebies and services. It’s important that we don’t leave them hanging. If we do become inactive, make sure to get back up and start emailing them consistently.


Limit the number of emails.

Be consistent, not annoying. It’s no brainer that our email list needs to be taken care of. But we should always keep everything balanced too. Showing up on their inbox once or more in a day will have them ignore us. The number of emails we send would usually depend on our scope, however, sending one in a week is a good number too. I’ve tried to send multiple emails in a day — I was caught on a spam spree.


Once you’ve achieved one successful email campaign the results can be repeated. There is definitely a formula to effective email open rates and I hope that these tips will help you perfect yours.