How Important is Good Graphic Design?

From Boosting sales to encouraging professionalism. We discuss the importance of good graphic design in business.

How Important is Good Graphic Design?

The importance of good graphic design is such a wide-open question. It begs a host of different answers along the entire spectrum from “not very important” to “extremely important”.

We don’t know what the rest of the question is. Possible endings to that question include:

  • How important is graphic design for your business?
  • How important is graphic design for your website?
  • How important is graphic design for your SEO?
  • How important is graphic design for your brand recognition?
  • How important is graphic design for your grandma?
  • How important is graphic design for your marketing and awareness campaigns?
  • How important is graphic design for your [  fill in the blank  ]?

Even though we don’t know what the complete question might be, we’re going to be bold. We’ll tell you straight up that graphic design is extremely important. For all of the possible reasons above.

Entry Level

Reasons of aesthetics, brand recognition, and even SEO aside, good graphic design is an entry-level requirement for anyone networking digitally these days.

What does that mean? It means that if your design is poor or deficient in any way, you’ll be noticed immediately – but not for the right reasons.

Since you have only one chance to make a positive first impression, isn’t it time you paid attention to the details?

Happily, and by contrast, sometimes good graphic design is precisely the reason why users read your content.

If your graphic ensemble is sufficiently appealing and appropriate to the product or service you sell, readers are often more favorably disposed to receiving your message. And more favorably disposed to sharing it on social media.

Is the importance of good graphic design beginning to kick in?

Industry Leaders

Adobe has been — and survived — in the graphic design world for years. Following the lead of industry leaders is a good way for small business owners with not much graphic experience to get started. Spark Adobe has now released a suite of professionally designed apps.

We were particularly impressed with its online infographic maker app.

You will understand why if you tried to create infographics on your own when the digital infographic craze took off about ten years ago.

You will understand why now if you still don’t consider yourself artistic, or as having an eye for what looks good.

Infographics are a great way to post informative content about your company online (which, in turn, is searchable). You’re likely to capture the attention of your target audience in a way that ordinary body text cannot.

We mentioned making your info shareable. With attractive, shareable infographics, you’re getting social media to do a lot of the communications work for you.

And you’re getting to do it with a certain style.

Deliver Good Graphic Design With Style

You do not have to have any particular flair for designs or software knowledge to use this app.

With its many templates that are easy to browse, it suits most people’s needs to have something quick and easy to create.

Ready-made templates combined with your text, and the option to change images, colors, and fonts or background to your taste will have you with a finished infographic or design in no time.

You have the option of using photos of your own too, which guarantees a unique outcome.

Perfect for Social Media

It would be naive to think that our image and what info we put out, whether on social media or elsewhere, does not matter. Of course, it does.

We are all for being authentic, and real and down-to-earth. But unless you use good graphic design to convey those qualities, you’re doing your online presence an injustice.

If you want to make the most of your visibility, use the enormously helpful visual aid of good graphic design. It’s that important.