20 10, 2015

Six ways brands can ensure startup pilot success

2015-10-20T14:02:00-07:00By |

The relationship between brands and startups has never been cozier. The internet has fundamentally changed the way brands connect with and market to consumers, and many brands increasingly look to young startups to help them understand what innovations are coming next.Brands engaging in pilots with these startups have a lot to gain if they structure [...]

16 10, 2015

Talk Human To Me: Why It’s Time For Brands To Get Real

2015-10-16T13:30:50-07:00By |

Columnist Jordan Kretchmer discusses how marketers can build a relationship with consumers that will inspire loyalty and set them apart from the competition.How many times have you been at a party, stuck talking to that one person who won’t shut up? The narcissistic, self-centered bore who flips every conversation back to their favorite topic: themselves. [...]

25 09, 2015

How Brands Can Build Brilliant Customer Relationships

2015-09-25T13:30:00-07:00By |

Gone are the days when a marketer could say that a boosted bottom line was the only end goal.This post, How Brands Can Build Brilliant Customer Relationships, was first published on Econsultancy.Today, brands are competing within crowded markets to win consumer affinity and awareness, and to do that in an era of heightened digital communication, it’s necessary [...]

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