5 Steps to Follow for Great Product Photography

Product photography is the first instance and biggest motivator for your customers in the buying experience — you want to get it right.

product photography

You’ve probably heard of product photography…

If you run an eCommerce website you’ve definitely heard of it and most likely encountered technical issues with lenses, lighting and results.

Product photography doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does have to be good. Having the perfect background, the right lighting and the right equipment to deliver perfect shots is essential. Once you dial in the essentials set up and shooting will be a breeze. 

In this post we’re going to outline the simple steps to great product photography.

1.      Proper Lighting

If you intend to succeed in product photography, then you should embrace proper lighting for your products. Proper lighting ensures the product and the background is visible. For instance, if you have a white background but fail to provide the right amount of lighting, it would appear grey.

There are two main types of lighting for nailing product photography. The first type is studio lighting, and the second is natural lighting. Deciding which light is best for your product will depend on the reason behind the photo and the advertising platform.

Lastly, remember having the right equipment is also a big bonus when you want the perfect shot. For this reason, you should consider some quality lighting boxes, such as the MacroFrame lightbox, among others.

Check out this post that talks specifically about choosing the right equipment:


2.      Take Time to Edit

Image Source: Pinterest

Though shooting, printing, editing, and repeating the process can be challenging, it is so worth it. Once you have shot the photo, take your time to adjust color balance, background effects and clarity to make sure it’s web or print ready. You will find that there are some details that you hadn’t seen before printing the work and hang it on your wall or some other place.

3.      Borrow Some Inspiration

skull candy product photography

You can always borrow inspiration from those who have done it before. If you love a brand, you can follow their social media handles and borrow some of their product photography ideas. If you find something you like, you can borrow the idea and see if it will work well for your product.

One of my favorite brands for great product photography is SkullCandy. If you want to see a brand doing it right, check them out!

4.      Take Photos from Different Angle

product photography angles

When it comes to nailing product photography, try taking different photos from different angles. This tip is helpful, particularly if you have multiple products that can be challenging to repeat the process of shooting, editing, and printing. Besides providing you with a clear picture of the product, you will also give customers a visual of exactly what to expect. Some photos come out clearly when taken from above, mainly photos of food. 

If your products are handmade, taking photos from a different angle will ensure that the care and consideration used to make the product is visible. Keep in mind that details matter a lot when customers are trying to decide on purchasing a product.

5.      Follow the Specifications for Product Photography

Some shopping platforms, such as Amazon and Google, offer different opportunities to e-commerce advertisers. However, with these opportunities comes different rules and specifications which you must follow for product photography.

For instance, the products photography specification for amazon products include:

  • Your product photos should be submitted as TIFF.
  • The file name for each product should have a specific template.
  • The photo should be of only one product.
  • The photo’s background should be white.

The platform also insists that the photo should be professional.

On the other hand, the specifications offered by Google include:

  • The products should be accurately displayed.
  • Don’t include promotional text or anything similar.
  • The URL of the photo should link to the main photo of the product.

Final word

Product photography is a key selling point for e-commerce advertising that each business person should embrace. If you want to increase sales, you must ensure that customers see the products in their whole form. One of the ways of making that possible is by taking a clear photo of the product.