Social Media News Stories Digital Marketers Need to Read This Week

If you’re a digital marketer keeping up with the latest can be hard; these are the social media news stories you need to read this week!

Social Media News Stories


Social media news stories bring information to us continuously; however with so much news sometimes you miss the news you really need.


With something new and exciting happening every second of the day sometimes noteworthy news stories just fall right through the cracks.

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With that in mind, here is the hottest social media news that you should be aware of when it comes to digital marketing.


Here are some of the best social media news stories with digital marketing impact.


Let’s get started


Google Updates to Pay Attention to!


Google’s new mobile page speed algorithm is in full effect and in fact they have launched a new report that grades pages on a 10-point scale.

Not only did Google launch this new page speed ranking system, they have begun rebranding Adwords into the new Google Ads. This change is also important because page speed and Google Ads are intimately connected (meaning your page speed affect your Google Ad Quality now too).

Google cautions advertisers that mobile page speed can significantly impact ad performance:

For those who need help speeding up their mobile pages, Google recommends taking advantage of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

“Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) provide a faster, smoother, and more engaging mobile experience. In fact, AMP pages typically load 85 percent faster than standard mobile pages.

Once you’ve sped up your site, you can direct your search ad clicks to those AMP pages and create the super-fast and delightful mobile experiences people expect.”


YouTube is the new cool


A recent Pew technology survey had some surprising news. It found out that American teens had since 2015 been spending an increasing amount of time watching movies and whatnot on YouTube. Thus, currently, 85% of American teens between 13 and 17 prefer to dive into the endlessly entertaining offerings that YouTube has to offer, while a measly 51% use Facebook, in what is sure to be unpleasant for the owner. As well, even though these teens are heavy users of the latest tech on the planet, a startling 45% of them believe that social media has neither a good or bad impact on people.


Facebook’s Trending section expires


This week, Facebook is set to wipe out its Trending news topics section because apparently, no one uses them. In fact, the Trending content on average consistently mustered a 1.5% click to news publishers, and that is far too low on many counts. Not to give up, the social media giant has announced that it will seek a new way to present news to readers on its platform. Also, there was a great level of controversy around the Tending content and this could be a part of the decision to take down the feature.


Instagram gives the low-down on a new algorithm


Previously, users of IG were on average missing out on 70% of all posts, as well as 50% of the posts of their friends. This was shockingly bad, and Instagram reacted by changing their algorithm in March this year. With this change, what you see on your feed will be impacted by your interest, relationship and recency. Also, users of the platform can expect less spamming ads, more stabilized feeds, and find it easier to reach their intended audience and hook them with the right message in the right way. Priority will be given to recent posts and this could mean a bye-bye to the older posts. The comments and interactions between users are also said to bring changes in the timelines. Also, there were rumours that businesses accounts will get less preference in the timeline when compared to a personal account. But this claim is almost said to be not true by multiple trusted resources.


Also, earlier Instagram used to give attention to accounts which had videos, but with the last update, it is believed that both photos and videos have the same value.


Twitter is looking up


While it’s not yet official, Twitter is apparently in the process of boosting its advertising potential via a programmatic pilot program. This will involve a small section of US publishers having ads placed in the Twitter timelines embedded in their sites. With this method, the social media giant hopes to continue its forward direction and convince advertisers to pump in more of the moolah.


More of live news and events on Twitter


Twitter has been trying out a lot of things since the past few years but only a few of them have brought good results. This time the micro-blogging site has decided to show more live news and events. Twitter users will get a notification if something is big happening. For example, it could be the live streaming of a basketball match or about an earthquake. Also, the Explore tab is said to be redesigned and new features such as For You tab, News, and Sports are rumoured to be added.




It is a well-known fact that there is no other successful video platform other than YouTube. Rumours surfaced earlier that Instagram is going to release a stand-alone app that will be concentrating on videos. But instead, what came was a new feature integrated into the existing application. However, a lot of experts say IGTV is not aimed at competing with YouTube as the latter cannot be beaten, based on its current position. YouTube is sort of a place for polished videos i.e. the videos on YouTube are shot, edited and then uploaded whereas IGTV could become a leading platform for live streaming. Since it has been only a few weeks since its release, it will take time for content creators to understand its purpose and to deliver quality videos.


The rise of Facebook’s Messenger


According to the latest report released by Facebook, there is a significant increase in the use of its popular messaging app. This could be also because of the rise of chatbots. A lot of business are using chatbots in messenger to reach to their customer and to get new followers.