The Ultimate Cheat Sheet Infographic to Writing Explainer Video Scripts

DIY videos drive highly qualified traffic, this infographic will give you everything you need for writing explainer video scripts your audience will love. 

How to Write Explainer Video Scripts

The Explainer video script is the most crucial part of an explainer video.

It is the foundation where every other component of an explainer video relies on. That means, if the script is not sturdily built, your explainer video will not be good enough.


Breadnbeyond, an explainer video company, created an infographic to help you understand how a solid explainer video script should be written. But before we go to the infographic, let’s highlight some of the simplest, yet most effective tricks to writing an explainer video script.

Tip 1. Use active sentences instead of passive ones

According to a professor of communication and media, Lawrence Hosman, active sentences have much simpler grammatical structures compared to passive sentences. The grammatical complexity of passive sentences is counter intuitive to persuasion, which is the essence of copywriting (and by extension, explainer video script).

Tip 2. Keep your glass half-full

If you’re not familiar with the saying “a glass half-full”, it means having positive perspective on things. Framing sentences in your explainer video script to focus on what your product doesn’t have isn’t really helping your brand image. We need more mental resources to deal with negative situations, therefore negative sentences reduce comprehension and degrade your message’s impact.

Tip 3. Make concrete claims and statement over generic ones

Generic statements suggest that you don’t have enough confidence to make a concrete claim and statements about your product. In addition to that, generic statements make you sound super duper salesy. Take a look at these examples.


  • We have a quick response team support.
  • Our product has the highest quality.
  • Our customers love us.


The underlying messages are great, but they’re not special if another million or so companies are already using them.Instead, use more specific and bold claims that shows your company’s competence.


  • We’ll come back to you in 24 hours, tops.
  • We offer a 100% refund guarantee.
  • 2,356 customers have tried our product and they love it.

Tip 4. Use illustrative words

Illustrative words are the words that you can visualize it happening as you say, write, read or hear it. Which one of these do you think is more illustrative?


  • Do you have lot of documents to deal with every day?
  • Do you have a tall stack of paperwork to sign every day?


The second one is more illustrative and descriptive. It will make the designers’ job in illustrating your explainer video much easier and faster.

Tip 5. Substitute your statistics with people

Having statistics that supports your claims and motivate people to use your product is a great tactic, it’s encouraged. The more scientific your data is, the better. But when it comes to human subjects, converting that statistics into people trigger more emotional reactions from explainer video viewers.


For example, use this sentence:


“7 out of 10 people who suffer from tuberculosis are smokers.”


Instead of:


“70% of people who suffer from tuberculosis are smokers.”


Explainer Video Script Cheat Sheet

As promised earlier, we have attached the Explainer Video Script Cheat Sheet infographic by Breadnbeyond here. It contains more tips and statistics, psychology behind copywriting a script, and script templates that you can use. Check them out: