Snapchat Launches Facebook-Like Ad Platform

Savvy advertisers will be jumping on the new Snapchat Ad Platform to get in front of their audience on the World’s fastest growing social network.

snapchat facebook like ads


With approximately 158 million daily users and counting, Snapchat is one of the world’s fastest growing social media networks. It differs from traditional social media networks in the sense that users can send and receive pictures and videos, both of which “self destruct” after being viewed. This innovative feature has allowed Snapchat to secure a strong footing in the highly competitive social market.


But Snapchat is now taking a page from Facebook’s game plan by launching a similar advertising platform.

Granted, Snapchat’s API has been available since last year, but the network recently moved its advertising platform out of beta testing. As explained by MarketingLand, SnapChat has 16 new partners for its ad platform, including analytics specialist Celtra and the digital agency Kinetic. Other notable partners include Videology, Kenshoo, AdParlor, Adglow, and Percolate.


Last September, Snapchat introduced a new advertising feature, which allows advertisers to exclude or include customers based on their email address or device ID. Targeting has been a strong point for Snapchat’s advertising platform, with many analysts comparing it to Facebook Ads.


So, how does Snapchat’s advertising platform work?

Aside from the strong targeting filters, it offers a 10-second vertical video ad that takes up the entire screen. Video ads appear in the contest of other Snaps, with many users unable to distinguish between the two. Swiping up displays additional content, such as an article, webpage, app install, etc.


This will more closely connect the creative process with the advertising workflow. The API will enable marketers to quickly & easily create Snapchat content as well as give marketers the ability to better test, learn, and update creative for effective campaign performance,” explained Celtra.


According to the company’s own website, Snapchat reaches 41% of all 18-34 year old’s in the United States “on any given day.” That’s pretty impressive to say the least, attesting to the power of Snapchat Ads. Of course, fewer people use Snapchat than Facebook and Twitter. However, Snapchat excels in its ability to reach millennials, which is the golden demographic for many businesses.


Snapchat is also believed to be working on more self-serve features for advertisers, though the specifics of these features have yet to be announced. You can check back with our blog for more details about Snapchat ads and other digital advertising platforms.


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