The Importance of Web Design for Mobile Platforms

How important is mobile web design? With Google giving priority to mobile optimized pages and mobile sales increasing each year while desktop sales drop, Web Design for Mobile Platforms is essential.

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The internet has become the go-to tool for finding anything about anything.

In 2017, businesses use the internet to market themselves, and their products. However, with the advent of smartphones, it has become vital for companies to create mobile-friendly websites. The following information will showcase the newest smartphone technologies, the importance of mobile web design platforms, and how having one improves your search rankings.


The Future of Smartphones

Today’s smartphones have more capabilities than in previous years. In fact, many of them have dual-sided cameras, and are waterproof. While those features are nice to have, smartphone companies are now realizing that people are using these devices on-the-go, and business customers are no exception. As a result, many cell phones have the capability to use the internet, and allow the user to get the information for which they once needed a home computer.

Take, for example, the Google Pixel. It is the first smartphone completely designed by Google. With the touch of a button, and a microphone, you can ask the Google Assistant just about any question, and have your answer in seconds.

This new feature, which some say will revolutionize smartphones, allows the businessperson to get their answers from wherever they are, which speeds up the process, and helps them move forward to other tasks quicker.


The Importance of Mobile Web Design Platforms

But, how does the importance of mobile web design play into all of this?
Because more people are using their devices to access the internet, and the statistics prove it.

In fact, 68 percent of companies have made mobile marketing part of their strategy, and 58 percent of companies have a mobile marketing department. They realize that more people are on-the-go, so reaching them in new ways has become essential.

Mobile users want content that they can read quickly, and easily. So, the site needs to give essential information as soon as the user goes to it. Having the information on the Home page in a easily-readable fashion will inform the user of your site’s purpose right away.

If your site allows the user to purchase something, he or she will probably start looking at it on their mobile device. Piquing their interest now will help keep their interest when they use their computer at home, which will also boost your business.

Small businesses can also benefit from a mobile website. Implementing such a feature will allow current, and future, customers to respond to the call-to-action, and create conversations through comments that were not previously available.


Responsive Web Design

Your website should also be available to all users. Having a responsive mobile friendly web design allows the user to view your site no matter what device they use. Regardless if they have an Android, i-Phone, tablet, or even a desktop computer, your site should be easily accessible to everyone.

This also cuts down on your need to worry about multiple versions of your website. By having one responsive site that reaches all platforms, you will be able to reach every prospective customer that views it. Having this will cut unnecessary costs from multiple sites, and increase business by reaching the biggest audience.


Google Searches

Not only does having a mobile-friendly site give users easier access to your business. It will also improve your Google search ranking. Starting in 2015, Google created a new search engine that considers a site’s mobile capability. As such, the more mobile-friendly your site, the higher it will appear in a user’s search. Of course, this is another way to increase your business’ ability to be viewed.



Web design form mobile platforms has become essential for online business. If your site can’t be viewed on a smartphone or tablet, people will likely move on to another site that offers that capability.

However, having a responsive site that mobile users can view across all platforms will make it easy for them to engage. As a result, you will reach a bigger audience, bring in more customers, and improve your bottom line.