You may not know it yet, but you’re holding the ultimate small business toolkit in the palm of your hand. Actually, I’m very sure that you are … chances are you’re reading this on your smartphone.


So, what am I talking about?

Well, you’re probably aware of the calendar and note-taking functions on your smartphone. Okay let’s cut the small talk. What you may not know is that your smartphone is capable of handling everything your small business needs to grow into that multi-million corporation.

Allow Me to Explain

Let’s create a potential business. We want this business to be lucrative, and we notice the need for copywriters has been greater than ever. So we decide to offer our own copywriting services in the form of YYZ Copy Inc.

Trouble is, you aren’t a house mouse and want to get out and about. You just can’t create a beautifully written copy on the go. Well, until now you couldn’t. Documents-To-Go is an app that’s available on essentially any smartphone device that you have. It costs less than $10 bucks and allows you to create, manage, and view word documents in the palm of your hand.

Now, let’s imagine YYZ Copy Inc. decides to start writing and selling cookbooks to cover some business expenses. Using the Square app, you can sell the cookbooks right on your smartphone. Square allows you physically to swipe — via a plug-in tool — the best recognized business cards. The sale is final, and you send Joe off as a happy and soon-to-be stuffed man.

Don’t Worry

If you’ve made enough money, upgrade from a smartphone to a tablet you’re still in luck. There are plenty of avenues to manage your business there, to.

The most important of these is an app called Expensify. With the app, you can log all expenses for your business. This includes keeping track of all purchases customers make from your business using the best business credit cards.

YYZ Copy Inc. has snagged a potential client. You have written documents and examples of your best work to show your client. Your pitch could guarantee you a five-figure payday. Guess what? You left the samples at home. You’re sweating in your Armani trying to figure out what to do. Using the app called SlideRocket, you’re fears can be vanquished.

SlideRocket allows you to create PowerPoint presentations right on your tablet. Great for meeting over coffee. First impressions are indeed important.

But what if you just have a concept, but no presence in your market whatsoever? Simple. Check out Wix. Wix offers the user the ability to create professional looking websites from the comfort of their smartphone. You don’t have to learn HTML to use Wix. You simply manipulate the objects you want and design your site how you want. YYZ Copy Inc. now has a stunning website presence that’s guaranteed to drive traffic to your services. Need to keep an eye on that traffic or garner your content towards a specific demographic that may be creeping into your traffic flow? Google Analytics. Boom. Done.

It truly is becoming a small world. Luckily, you can claim a piece of it with your fingertip



Author: Jennifer Rosen Jennifer is a cross-country runner, a small business advisor and freelance writer who lives in Boston.