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Pixel Productions Inc. has been a top retail packaging design company for over 15 years.


One of Oregon’s Top Packaging Design Companies for custom retail product packaging solutions.

Your product is only as good as its retail packaging execution. If you’re goal is to launch a new product, line of products, or to build your brand, then you’re going to need a team that understands how to get you from concept to a retail ready package that speaks to your audience.


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Hiring a packaging design company with cross team collaboration

Pixel is nationally recognized as one of the best product packaging design companies, so helping your business connect the dots between strategy, customer experience, and effectiveness is something we’re well versed in.

In fact, we’re much more than just a packaging design company, we have an expert team with over 20 years experience in professional branding, design strategy, manufacturer sourcing, web development backed by marketing for a complete and comprehensive solution.

Your Key Goals for Successful Product Packaging Design

  • Design Product Packaging That Eliminates Confusion: You’ve stood in a BigBox store staring at a shelf just looking for a specific brand or product to stand out — it ain’t easy. The right product package design company will help you not only create a design that fits your demographic, but it will ensure that your product doesn’t get lost in the retail environment.
  • Understanding Your Market: In order to create product packaging that is effective, we have to understand your target market  as well as what your competitors are doing. We observe the market and industry trends to create brand and product packaging design strategies that will be effective and sustainable in the long-run.
  • Defining your brand: As a leading product packaging design company, we help you define your brand’s purpose, mission, visual appeal in order effectively communicate your brand story and stand out from the competiton.
  • Product Value and brand positioning: It’s our goal to Establish an retail product image that clearly defines what your product will deliver and why it is unique..


The right packaging design company will help you find an affordable solution at the right price in order to establish effective positioning and drive sales.

mini flux capacitor packaging


The right Packaging Design Company Attracts Customers! More importantly, professional packaging design companies understand how to influence and motive people to make a purchase. Retail package design is the vehicle for successful communication to engage your customers.


The best product package design companies combine research, creativity and and practical retail display solutions to meet your budget and scale accordingly. Building a brand and persuading customers is more than having the best price available. 



Pixel, we’ll help you sort through packaging options and materials to find the right solution.

Package Design – The Cost

If you’ve done any research into product package design solutions, you’ve probably discovered an infinite amount of possible options and materials to choose from. Product Package design is unique in that the product cost, retail price point and product itself directly impact the packaging solution. Ultimately, your packaging design is tied to and often determined by your retail price point. So, the trick is finding a solution that is going to work the best for retail display and your manufacturing budget.

Retail Product Packaging

Your product packaging design plays a critical role in the success or failure of your product launch. product packaging is the foundation and driving force of your retail brand presence. You can have the best product in the world but the retail environment demands much more – a product package that sells. When you start dealing with potential buyers or large retail chains, you quickly realize just how important your package design really is. The package is the first thing your customer will see and it’s the package that will motivate a reaction from the consumer. 

bibleman basketball packaging

Minimum Order Quantities

Quantity plays a big part is price per unit.

Manufacturing & Budget

Big companies, produce large runs to sell in large volume. Large volume means product package design costs come down. 

Most startups don’t have large volume orders on their side. Part of determining what type of product packaging will work for you is to start by working backwards from target retail price. Knowing your target price and factory product cost will allow you to determine a price range for product package design options. 


Pixel, Over 15 Years of Creative Product Package Design Services for All Types of Businesses.

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for Startups!

Are you trying to Launch a new product?

Our product package design process utilizes a strategic approach to help you create a strong brand identity that will differentiate your product from the competition. Ultimately, you are striving to achieve brand recognition in a retail environment that is already overcrowded with products.

Competition is fierce out there, what’s going to help the consumer make the decision to choose your product over another?

Let’s Find Out Together

Tell us about your product packaging design project.

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These are some common questions that will help you scope your product packaging project

Who are you marketing to?

If you have started or completed your own market research please provide us with any information you have collected. This may include: age, regional or make / model demographics.

Do You Have a Brand Name?

Does your product or company already have a name?

What is your product?

What is your product? Does it come in multiple sizes or variations? What are the dimensions?

What’s Your USP?

What does your product do and what makes it unique? What does your product bring to the table?


Does your product have any direct competition? If so please list top competitors.

Do You Have Brand Assets?

Will you require additional assets such as 3D Mockups, a sales sheet for pre-orders, a website, shelf talkers, or POP displays?


Does your product have sponsors or endorsements?

Copy Writing

Accordion Do you require copy writing for the packaging and / or promotional materials.

Your Expectations

What are your expectations with the package design process?

Already Have a Manufacturer?

if you already have a manufacturer for production and have chosen a container shape we will need a physical sample of the container(s) as well as color options.

Printing Specs

if you already have a manufacturer for production we will require factory die lines and any factory specifications, unless we are providing custom die lines for you.

Legal & Technical

We will require you to provide any legal or technical information that may apply to your product. This could mean barcodes, disclaimers, warnings, dosages, etc.

cbd package design

CBD & Hemp Packaging
Product Packaging for CBD

Hemp is anticipated to become a billion dollar industry. More broadly, the medical cannabis market in North America will grow “from $9.2 billion in 2017 to $47.3 billion a decade later.”

For a canna related business, the product packaging design is one of the most important ways to reassure consumers and build trust. This is extremely important for an industry that is quickly becoming brand driven and image competitive.

Find out what your business can do to create great product packaging designs that will win over the skeptics and gain customers.

Learn More About CBD Packaging

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How Our Product Packaging Design Team Works to Meet Your Needs!

Package Design Consult

Our packaging designers always begin with a FREE initial design consult to understand the scope of your project, your specific goals, and your specific needs.

Package Design Proposal

As one of Oregon’s Top Packaging Design Companies, we work in a number of ways to accommodate your design requirements with a proposal that outlines the project scope, goals, timeline and fees.

A great example of how we typically work is to get a deposit for a 15 hour block of time = $1,800.

For most product packaging design projects this allows us to do initial research, provide concepts and a final press ready version of an approved concept.

Initial Package Design Concepts

After we come to an agreement and receive your deposit, we immediately begin work billing against that deposit. For most product package design projects, we typically provide 2-3 unique concepts for you to review. Our graphic designers will then work with you to refine the design concept of your liking to perfection.

No, we don’t limit the number of revisions!

Packaging Variants

Many product package design projects require multiple sizes, variations etc. In this scenario our graphic designers would work the initial concepts towards a global brand styling and finish one label or package to completion. We would then move towards the unique and individual product elements that would complete the press ready labels or packaging roll out required to make each product distinct while working with the master brand that was established.

Design Deliverables

During the graphic design process we keep you updated with transparent reporting on progress goals. The design work is completed upon your approval. Once approved and any additional progress billing has been paid, Pixel provides ALL developmental and finalized artwork to you via a permanent dropbox link.

Pre-Press and Press – If you are not printing through us, we will gladly work directly with your production vendor to coordinate press ready art set up details to spec and transfer of art files.