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Looking to Stand Out? Creative Packaging Design for Cannabis, CBD, & Hemp.

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Don’t just get a package, get a strategy to grow your brand!

The Canna industry is getting more competitive — make your packaging more memorable.

canna custom package design

Navigating the ins and outs of packaging design for cannabis related products including hemp and CBD can be difficult to say the least. Legal requirements aside, competition in the canna industry is booming. Whether you’re an established farm expanding product lines or a new farm or edibles company breaking into the market, Pixel can help you create more than just a standard packaging solution for your product — we can help you shape a brand that speaks to your audience.

As leaders in retail packaging design and production, that’s exactly what we do.

Pixel will connect the dots between design strategy, customer experience, and effectiveness. We’re more than just a packaging design company, we have an expert team with over 20 years experience in professional branding, design strategy, manufacturer sourcing, web development backed by marketing for a complete and comprehensive solution.

Much more than a packaging design company!

We build brands from concept to launch. We’ll help you get your business off the ground.


Creative Design

Print. Packaging. Online.


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Build Your Website.


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Sell Online with Ease.



Drive Traffic. Generate Sales.

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Affordable Packaging Solutions for Canna Products

You probably have a lot of questions about packaging your product…

HEMP flower packaging

There are a LOT of cannabis packaging suppliers available online…

What’s the difference between Pixel and any of those packaging vendors?

Great Question. We don’t simply place your logo on standardized packaging solutions. We take the time to research you, your company and your goals in order to create affordable packaging solutions that help your brand stand out from the crowd.

There may have been a time where this product actually did sell itself. That being said with CBD products able to ship nationally and more states legalizing cannabis — shelf space is crowded and brands who stand out succeed.

Don’t settle for sticking your logo on stock packaging when your products deserves so much more.

Don’t forget, the product cost, retail price point, retail display area and product itself directly impact the packaging design solution that will work best for you. So, the trick is finding a solution that is going to work the best for where your business currently is.

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cannabis, hemp, CBD packaging design solutions
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Cannabis Packaging Design: Our Process

Our process for creative solutions to your CBD, Hemp and Canna packaging.

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Start to Finish.

  • Step 1: Initial Product Research

    We always start with competitive industry research.

  • Step 2: Initial Design Concepts

    Typically start with 2-3 unique presentation concepts.

  • Step 3: Revise and Perfect Package Design

    Based on your feedback, we make revisions to perfect the retail package design.

  • Step 4: Press Ready Art

    We finalize design concepts to press ready art specs and upload all files.

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Package Design: Our Goals

A brief overview of what you’re trying to achieve.

  • Goal 1: Eliminate Confusion

    Ensure the product fits the demographic, but will not be confused with the competition.

  • Goal 2: 2. Visual Appeal

    Create A brand image that is unique and more importantly visually appealing to the right audience.

  • Goal 3: Product Value

    Establish an image that clearly defines what your product will deliver and why it is unique.

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What Are Our Goals?

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CBD Packaging Design Recent Projects

Complete Packaging, Brand and Web Design Solutions for Cannabis, Hemp & CBD.

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Hemp, CBD and Cannabis Package Design: Important Questions

To help us put together an accurate project scoping estimate and make sure that we understand your desired goals, we will require some information and if you can provide information regarding the following points that would be extremely helpful.

1. Market Research — Who are you marketing to? If you have started or completed your own market research please provide us with any information you have collected. This may include: age, regional or make / model demographics.

2. Product or Brand Name — What is your new product?

3. Setting Yourself Apart — What does your product do and what makes it unique? What does your product bring to the table?

4. Competition — Does your product have any direct competition? If so please list top competitors.

5. Brand Assets — Will you require additional assets such as a website, shelf talkers, or POP displays?

6. Sponsors — Does your product have sponsors or endorsements?

7. Copy Writing — Do you require copy writing for the packaging and / or promotional materials.

8. Expectations — We know design and packaging, but help us help you by telling us a little about your expectations from Pixel Productions.

9. Manufacturing – if you already have a manufacturer for production and have chosen a container shape we will need a physical sample of the container(s) as well as color options.

10. Printing Specs – if you already have a manufacturer for production we will require factory die lines and any factory specifications, unless we are providing custom die lines for you.

11. Legal & Technical – We will require you to provide any legal or technical information that may apply to your product.

12. Existing Brand Assets – We will require you to provide any existing brand assets, logos, fonts, etc that may need to be used in conjunction with or as part of the new product packaging.