5 Reasons You Need a Mobile-First Approach to Enterprise App

A mobile-first approach should be your top priority for business growth, and here are 5 Key Reasons your business should be using it with an enterprise app for customer development.

5 Reasons You Need a Mobile-First Approach to Enterprise App

In this post-covid world, reaching out to our target audience is more challenging than before. That is precisely why it is now much more important to reach out to our customers digitally and this means a mobile-first approach.

Why? Because you have to reach customers where they are.

In our experience working with entrepreneurs, the mobile-first approach has offered omnipresence to a lot of businesses.


As SME owners, you already might be feeling the pressure of keeping up and staying ahead of your competition.

Why get left behind?

This article discusses how the mobile-first approach can put your mind at ease with an enterprise application. But first, let’s understand the basics.


What is a Mobile-First Approach? Why is it important for the Enterprise app?


Mobile-first should be a priority above all other strategies.

Why? You ask.

The Mobile-first approach puts your business website, design, development, and marketing reachable and relatable to your customers, placing user experience at its core. It allows your small business to outreach to millions of customers with the right strategy. It is like keeping your “front door always open” to a physical business place.  


Now is the era of mobile-only; according to experts in the US alone, 40 million internet users are accounted for 63% of Google searches, and 56% of website traffic. Indeed those numbers alone are evident to go mobile-first.

Still not convinced?

Well, let’s discuss some solid reasons why these mobile-moments matter to your small business. According to this report, most of all, the primary reason why many SME globally embrace mobile-first to enterprises is that it is expected to generate revenue of more than $USD 2.9 billion. 

  1. Optimize User Experience


Customer engagement is the core to success, and mobile-first is the way to go about it. Offering a custom personalized user experience is critical to attract and retain customers and thrive as an SME company. The more engaged your customer is with your app, the sooner they will be inclined to order your product or service. 


The mobile-first approach with an enterprise app takes your brand to a new level and allows your customers to reach out to you anytime. Indeed mobile-first significantly improves buyer’s awareness about your brand and boosts overall user experience. Mobile-first enterprise applications enable small and medium-size companies to interact and engage with their customers better. Moreover, in a highly personalized manner and improves customer loyalty too with less than five clicks.

Now think about it: so many customers would be able to communicate with you instantly.

  1. Strategic and Targeted Content 


The mobile-first approaches make you put your customer’s needs first, focusing purely on their loyalty. That makes it useful to relate, connect, and sell to them with just the right type of content. Instead of you boasting about your brand, your content will focus on the buyer’s needs. This progressive advancement approach is way more strategic and targeted to bring the right target audience to your business. With graceful gradations of images, videos, and even AR/VR, you can now curate laser-focused content no matter what you are selling.


By offering a tailored mobile-first experience, you will effectively provide the right value proposition your customer is looking for. Yes, businesses must stand out amongst competitors. But a carefully curated targeted and strategic content for your business can do wonders. 

  1. Higher Conversions and Revenue Focus


With mobile-first, you can incorporate advanced technologies like AI and ML to your app to bring a higher user experience and in-process, improving the conversion ratio. After all, the bottom line numbers are the main objective of building a mobile app for your business. Keeping your customer’s needs above, yours will compliment your targeted numbers. 


Mobile-first can exponentially increase sales for small businesses. Ease of mobile-first will help your buyers have the ultimate shopping experience that brings them to your business repeatedly. Having just the right mobile moments with your customer helps strengthen your rapport with them and brand reputation on their mind. 

  1. Ensures Scalability


As much ease mobile-first offers, it also provides an opportunity for you to scale up your mobile app as required. Scaling down is always a huge sacrifice entrepreneur usually hate to make, but you can rest assured mobile-first apps. The users can navigate seamlessly with mobile versions, the possibility of adding more features, upgrading functionalities, and much more. 


This also assists you in setting your goals and analytics tailored as per your business needs. You can add many advanced features like geolocation and map integration, tracking and loyalty programs, social integrations and multiple payment gateway options, and more.

  1. Leveraging Back-End Systems


A mobile app with a mobile-first mentality should also be in sync and connected to the central back-end system. We are aware that a website and a mobile app work and operate differently not only on the front-end but also on the back-end usage patterns. To avoid the conflict and repeated scaling backward issues, you must be sure to keep your back-end system updated. I can not stress enough why it is important to sync all data and be connected in real-time with your back-end system to be proactive and ready to receive it.


A mobile app’s traffic patterns are much more comfortable and less complicated, and consistent than a desktop website. This means you need a sophisticated back-end system to ensure the robust functioning of the mobile app. This decision typically occurs while designing and developing the necessary infrastructure during a mobile app’s development process. Only the right tech partner will keep you aware of this to avoid making any business sacrifices in the later stages. 


Usually, developers prefer to break-down the large systems into multiple small pieces, which help operate independently and seamlessly. The methodology is called microservices, which is now very popular and globally preferred by many companies.  


Closing Thoughts


The covid crisis has been a real Hell that none of us asked for, throwing millions of small businesses in hellfire with no warning. Covid shook each of us entrepreneurs by rattling the overall industry operations, economies, labor market, customer behavior, finances, supply chain, and more. Small businesses will undoubtedly take a while to go back to “business-as-usual.” These top 5 reasons to consider mobile-first mentality is what we must embrace as a solution to this downfall and make our businesses more mobile-friendly, reachable, relatable, and claim back our customers.