8 Pillars to Increase Landing Page Conversions in 2022

Send Customers to a page that converts with these 8 foundational tips to Increase Landing Page Conversions.

Increase Landing Page Conversions

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In the digital platform, an effective and pleasing landing page usually equates to a happy (and paying) customer. You can launch social media campaigns that funnel your target audience to your site. Once they arrive, the site needs to do what it’s supposed to do – it needs to engage the audience, gently nudging them toward the checkout page. No matter your online business, it’s vital to ensure your landing page is as optimized as possible. 

You wouldn’t want to waste precious time and resources by having a landing page that doesn’t contribute to your success. You need to ensure that your landing pages will achieve their purpose of funneling curious online users to the site. It’s vital to see a return on your investment (ROI), and your landing page will be at the forefront of your success. 

First and foremost, collaborate with a savvy digital marketing firm to achieve this goal. Specialists can leverage their expertise to create a landing page that will help you attract clients. These firms will understand what you need, and they’ll work hard to help your business reach out to its target demographic. Experienced professionals also understand the trends, helping you navigate the intricacies of the online platform. 


These are the fundamental pillars you need to increase landing page conversions:


1. Create a great first impression

Your target audience should immediately be drawn in by the content and layout of your site upon arriving at your landing page. Clients should appreciate the aesthetics and have an easy time when navigating your site’s contents. Within the first few moments, online users should have something that compels them to spend longer on the site. 

2. Hook the client with your tagline 

Right from the get-go, your audience must zoom in on the company tagline with the accompanying media. Such a tactic will help them relate to the site, deciding that it’s worth their while to stay a bit longer. Your job is to create an attractive tagline that will resonate with your audience. Your team will then proceed to elevate it with a robust digital marketing campaign.

3. Optimize the page 

One of the ideal goals your team can accomplish is to optimize the page based on industry standards. Your team must know if there are changes to the search engine algorithms. It’s not just about learning how to make the page presentable, as none of that matters if the website is a disorganized mess.

Remember that your page needs to score well in the different Google Core Vitals metrics to help it rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP). You have to ensure that the page will load properly and quickly enough, which means avoiding distractions and going only for what matters.

4. Use appropriate images and videos 

It would also be wise to use the correct pictures and videos on your landing page. Your media should be entertaining enough to hook your audience. There should be enough variety in the playlist that it will satisfy your discerning audience. 

That said, ensure that the media you use for your website plays correctly and does not contribute to long loading times.

5. Highlight social proof

One of the best things that you can include in the page layout is social proof. Your company needs to convert clients, and what better way to do that than to present them with recommendations from other customers? You need to let the target audience know that their search is over and that you have what they need.

Generate as many positive reviews as possible, and listen to the feedback your company receives from clients. You can also provide backlinks to various social media posts and mentions for a better endorsement. 

6. Include the call to action

It might come as a surprise how vital it is to include a compelling call to action (CTA) button. It should have a prominent spot on the page. Your job is to ensure that your clients find the appropriate button to direct them to the next step toward conversion. You need to make it easy for the clients; otherwise, they might not take that leap.

7. Use directional cues in your layout 

Influence your clients’ behavior with directional cues. For example, direct them to take the next step by placing the CTA button where online users can easily see it. Such an act will significantly help in encouraging online users to take the next step. It’ll make it that much easier for them to decide as a whole. 

8. Leverage exclusivity

Among the things your SEO team can use are words that will leverage exclusivity and intensity. Urge your clients to sign up before the offer expires. Such a tactic will work in tandem with the directional cues and promises that they are among the select few to avail of the deal quickly. Not only does it lead to a satisfactory experience, but it also encourages them to return.

Final thoughts

There are several ways to ensure that your landing page will increase your conversion rate. Keep the above tips in mind whenever you design or edit your page to ensure that you continue to engage clients satisfactorily.